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Sunrise and you
tests for you
Image by ıusnɾ@w|©kedf|lm
Test Roll

Sunrise, and the new day’s breakin’ through
The morning of another day without you
And as the hours roll by
No-one’s there to see me cry
Except the sunrise…
The sunrise and you.

Uriah Heep

Yashica MAT | Yashinon 80mm f3.5
Panagor Light Meter
Fujipro 160s expired 2007
Negative Scanned

Row, Row, Row your boat…
tests for you
Image by Leda Carter
Dress: Gizza, Draped dress
Hair: Vita, Waves
Skin: Glam Affair, Neva
Boat & Pose: (will have to log back in and check)
Location: Neva River

I probably am not wearing the best hair for this shot, but then again it wasn’t planned. I was in the middle of gardening – don’t you love SL where you can garden in a hot sequined dress and high heels? – , and then a friend came over visiting, and we were testing the waters. And, the poses. The credit for the shot’s angle goes to him too.

Paris. France.
tests for you
Image by joshuawoodhead
This photo doesn’t need a description.
I will tell you that, I’m a little bit dissapointed in myself with the image’s originality. It’s by no means my own, as there’s a few out there that exist. But none the less, I wanted to take this, to test out my skills, and to have a beautiful photo of Paris.

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