Some cool all your testing images:

all your testing
Image by bunchadogs & susan
he looks innocent, right?

yesterday jones ate my computer glasses resulting in slobber on the lenses and one very bent ear thingy. I now view the screen with a slanted take on things.

the day before that he ate a ballpoint pen off leon’s cupboard. I covered one of the dog beds with a very nice blackish tropical print. it is now covered with splashes of navy blue.

and the day before that he got my Burt’s Bees honey lip balm.

the bedroom and bathroom doors are now kept shut all the time, not just when we’re on errands, everything is shoved further back on counters, and dinner plates are carefully watched.

always ravenous, we’ve had numerous tests done by the vet on jones the basenji, with everything showing "normal". [he nipped the vet tech during one test]

life is always interesting here.

The Main Stair inside Opera Garnier in Paris
all your testing
Image by Loïc Lagarde
My first test with Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM Lens
Too much tourist today in Opéra, I couldn’t rid of all of them and I don’t want to spend my entire evening on photoshop. I want to show you know the result

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Treeson and friends
all your testing
Image by Andy Woo
Treeson and some of his friends can’t wait to say Hi to all of you! Hope you have a Happy Year of Ox!

Shown above are some test shots of the upcoming Treeson and Other Stories Blindbox Series

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