How Old Are Your Ears? (Hearing Test)

How high can you hear? Take this ‘test’ to see how old your ears are!
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NOTE: The 19,000 Hz frequency has been lost due to YouTube compressing the file.

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Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).
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What would you do if someone found £20 by your feet…and told you? Would you lie and pretend it was yours or would you be honest and be truthful that you had no ideas whose it was?

London magician and prankster Julius Dein does exactly that. With this London prank, we have a secret camera hiding in the background. Julius approaches people and pretends he has found a £20 and then we capture some of the shocking reactions caught all around London and Central London, including Julius nearly getting beaten up!

Do check out his channel to see more social experiments/ pranks/ incredible magic tricks.


Julius is a premier UK performer and one of London’s top magicians. He performs all around the world, from corporate Christmas dinners to celebrity parties in Hollywood HIlls- check out his website here ;

You can also find more of Julius Dein on:

Please direct all business enquiries to:
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40 thoughts on “How Old Are Your Ears? (Hearing Test)”

  1. I could def hear up to 30. I think I heard a sound at 24 but it wasn't as long as the other frequencies, also the last one really hurt my ears. I'm 22.

  2. Well…I'm eleven and I can only hear the one that assures me that I'm alive…..I guess I have had some hearing troubles though so idk

  3. I must have good hearing then because I am 29 and heard all of these and without headphones and good god they were all very loud.

  4. the problem with this is they could've all had cash in their pockets and actually thought they'd dropped a 20…

  5. I love social experiments like this on games and in real life. Keep these up! If I had everything to film, I'd do this. Keep on doing this. This shows how many people in the world are honest and good-hearted. Keep doing these. Let the people know how to make this world a better place.

  6. Why does he miss out the interesting parts? Why not show what happened by the telephone box womans reaction was? Disliked

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