into you

A few nice tests for you images I found:

into you
tests for you
Image by @DeeInna
i made a dof test yesterday…
ahhhh Naku Penda Piya!

!bang – sits 015-019 — Ground sits & lay poses
tests for you
Image by Luna Jubilee / !bang poses
working on a new single pose pack — a little mini pack (for now).

I’m looking to do more dynamic poses for my collection. This will be the "test" for the market base.

The poses will be released at The Season Story. Teasing you for now 😛

arghhh…..s n a k e …..
tests for you
Image by bunchadogs & susan

it’s was chilly sunless day, and I was crawling around under the shrubs weeding, pulling, and chomping when I discovered a very large mama snake coiled in a small dish shaped snake place in the ground.
a big mama snake. big.
so I gently prodded her in order to make her move out of the way so I could weed where she was.
she turned her snake head and looked at me with her snake eyes and said, prod at me again and I’ll eat your arms off.
I weeded somewhere else.

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