✔ MEMORY TEST: How Good is Your Memory?

Do you have a good memory? How to improve your memory.
Memory Test – Do you have a goldfish or photographic memory?
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Eidetic memory / Quick Memory Test: How good is your memory.
Memory tips: Sharp memory – How poor or short is your memory?

AUDIO: Life Of Riley – Kevin MacLeod (Pop – Happy)

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Imagine… you’re on an island by yourself.

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Drifting Day
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40 thoughts on “✔ MEMORY TEST: How Good is Your Memory?”

  1. im a goldfish i didnt get any right. i cant even remember what i had 4 breakfast. i have a space in my brain. thats what a doctor said. the only reason why i remember that is cause i wrote it down.

  2. 40 A gold Fish great
    Text:Please dont be offended by this score as you've probably already forgotton
    Me:So u trying to call me stupid now 😂😂😂

  3. I got goldfish. I remember things like number dates, but in tests like this I always fail because I don't know what to memorize and I miss the details. I have a strong memory for stuff, like details, only if I notice them.

  4. Wait, my pyramid's material gives me comfort? I thought I was stranded on the island, so I decided it's be made out of water in necessity to survive, but I'm dead scared of water. Anything deeper than waste length makes me freak out, and it's pretty much the only thing than loved ones dying that makes me cry. I can't even swim at age 19.

  5. um i was following logic so how dose gold surrounded by traps give me comfort? and why would some one sleep very close to a fire pit they would burn!

  6. My pyramid was made of Obsidian, it was bigger than me, inside the pyramid was a whole civilization full of people, the fire pit is super small and I sleep right next to it, it attracts all the animals on the whole island, I would look for a new pyramid. Let's see how I do! :)

  7. I said sand because I was thinking of those Egyptian ones. Turns out they aren't made out of sand but limestone.

  8. Uh, dead bodies? Because that's what the pyramids are used for?
    "Whatever is inside the pyramid is what gives you comfort."

    Otherwise very accurate

  9. haha. yas! I pictured my room in the pyramid. sorry my parents. that was pretty far away… I learned something new about me.

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