✔ What is Your Sixth Sense?

Do you have a 6th sense? What are your psychic powers?
Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste, Hearing, but what’s your sixth sense?
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What is your 6th sense? What is my psychic ability? How To Get A Sixth Sense.
What is my hidden power? Paranormal Activity / Psychic Medium / Psychic Powers.
Which Psychic Ability is Hidden inside You? What is my hidden supernatural ability?

AUDIO: Hey Now – MK2 (Dance & Electronic – Funky)
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This is the full-length version of the #TestYoursToday video series created by the Burlington Fire Department. Please use and share these funny videos that carry an important message: Testing your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm just might be one of the easiest tests you’ll ever take.

22 thoughts on “✔ What is Your Sixth Sense?”

  1. 1. Where is purple/violet?
    2. Where is music?
    4. Where is food?

    Thus I know the result won't hold any candle to me lol

  2. my score was 200 and i got phsycometry …and i think it is true because when i touch..do something i have. done before i can see what happened and remember stuff which its funny

  3. I have Physchometry, it's weird though I don't remember seeing something or knowing when something happened just by touching something. Unless it did happen but I don't remember it.

  4. I just checked my smoke alarms. These videos do a good job of pointing out how easy it is to just push a button to ensure my safety.  Never thought of it in that way before.  I also will check the alarms at work later this afternoon. Really funny.

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