Genetic tests for cancer in India

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Cancer is a kind of deadly disease caused by out of control cell growth. When these cancer cells divide uncontrollably to form lumps of tissues called tumours which adversely harms the body. Genes plays a very important part as changes to these genes play an important role in the development of cancer. Genes are basically pieces of DNA inside our cells that instruct how the body will function. Genes affect inherited traits passed on from a parent to a child which can also cause certain diseases like cancer. Therefore, generic test for cancer has become very essential these days.

Genetic testing is a type of testing mostly performed to check the cancer risk in a person. It is used to look for gene changes that might put a person at risk of having cancer. It is usually done in families where the chance of inheriting a disease is more. Like for example, genetic test for cancer in done on a son whose father and grandfather also had cancer. Here the chance of inheriting this disease by the son is much higher. If this inherited trait is earlier detected then treatment for such disease becomes easier and chances of recovery increases. Today, the growing rate of cancer patients is a big threat to the medical world and so there is a huge emphasis on predictive genetic testing for cancer.

Genetic testing helps you to learn about your cancer risk. Nowadays, genetic testing has attained immense popularity in the world of medical science. Most of the reputed laboratories across India provide the facilities of genetic testing. Generic testing in India is usually done from blood samples. Tubes of blood are taken out through injecting a needle in vein as sample for blood test for cancer. The growth of technology has led to the development of new methods and techniques of testing. Fish test for cancer is a new category of test for tracing traits of cancer through genetic testing. FISH stands for Fluorescence in situ hybridization, it is a kind of test that maps the generic mater in a person’s cells. This test is used to visualise the specific genes and portions of genes to track cancer traits. FISH test results are considered to be the most accurate test performed for cancer. The results are mentioned in either positive or negative.

When it comes to disease propensity, experts say that knowledge is the best way of prevention. Genetic tests for cancer have acquired global attention from all medical fields. India also is not unaffected from the influence of Generic Testing. Oncquest Laboratories are one of the reputed and a well known laboratory in India providing best diagnosis services like exploratory & end-point biomarkers, genomic services & histology. Our branches are spread all over India and are known for its excellence in Clinical Diagnostics. Our primary and targeted keys are generic tests for cancer. Our specialised services include molecular tests, blood cancer test, FISH test for cancer etc. We provide preventive healthcare at the most affordable rate. At, Oncquest Laboratories we understand the seriousness of a diseases like Cancer and therefore we give our patients full support in overcoming their diseases.

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