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Image by PeterThoeny
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We love wine. We collected the corks. In a bag. For years. Did not know what to do with it. A rocket!

We built a rocket out of cork. The structural elements except for the fins is cork. We mounted the fins with some slant so that the rocket would cork-screw on the way up.

We tested the rocket on a G motor that produces about 64 N (6.5 kg equiv.) average thrust. The parachute was stuck on its maiden flight – the rocket came down ballistic. The grassy ground and rocket are compressible, so the rocket bounced back about ten feet into the air. We fixed the parachute problem. Since then the rocket has been flying many times – the corkscrew motion on the way up is always a crowd-pleaser.

I took two RAW exposures at f/1.8, with the rocket lying on our dining table. This produced the bokeh and shallow depth of field. I processed the two exposures into a balanced HDR photo.

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— © Peter Thoeny, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, HDR, 2 exposures, NEX-6, _DSC0320_2_hdr2bal1d

FalloutNV Niah Wicked Shadow 126, Goodsprings test
your tests
Image by JP Freethinker
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