It’s Only A Test by Bishop Larry D. Trotter and the Sweet Holy Spirit Combined Choirs

Here I am with another YouTube gospel video. In 1999, Bishop Larry Trotter and the Sweet Holy Spirit Combined Choirs came out with the album, “What’s to Come Is Better Than What’s Been.” In that CD came a high paced, Holy Ghost Shouting song that had everyone stand to their feet. That song is “It’s Only A Test.” This song will remind you that the victory is already won and what you’re going through is only a test. This type of song is definitely that of the Chicago Style gospel that is heard in such artists as Walt Whitman, Ricky Dillard, and Malcolm Williams. I don’t own this song, nor am I seeking monetary gains or publicity. The words are on the video for those who want to follow or would like to learn them. I hope you enjoy this video, and if there are any song you would like for me to upload, let me know. God Bless!

We’re back in the studio this week as Norm is joined by Jeremy and Kishore to recap two weeks of technology news and updates from Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Tesla. We talk about over-hyped science stories in the media, the possibility of a 9th planet, and our hopes for Magic Leap.

Thanks to our guests Jeremy Williams and Kishore Hari for podcasting with us this week! Find Jeremy online at and Will at

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Tested is:
Adam Savage
Norman Chan
Joey Fameli

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40 thoughts on “It’s Only A Test by Bishop Larry D. Trotter and the Sweet Holy Spirit Combined Choirs”

  1. currently fighting cancer & fighting for my relationship.. This just got to be a test…& when my God bring me threw umma tell the world & everyone that left my side when I needed you're support'just know I forgive you.

  2. 1×10^23 can't be more go positions than the number of atoms in the universe, since that's only a sixth of a mole,, AKA the unit we measure molecules in.

  3. While it would be hilariously sad to see them reproduce DeLoreans with its original engine, I think it is safe to say that they will be looking around to refit the 2017 DeLoreans with something more fitting for the body, and modern in safety and emissions, than the old under-powered Volvo engine it used.

    Also, pictures of DeLoreans don't do it much justice. They are surprisingly much smaller and flatter than your average Camry when you see it on the road. And while the headlamps could probably use an update (not to mention the interior), the rest of the body design has aged pretty well for 30-odd years.

  4. yes heat up my oceans – good idea, really! dont use it to heat some cold regions or reuse it in any other form – please just waste it. you americans :/

  5. That slow shipping with no prime is nothing new. I've been experiencing this for several years now where, almost all free shipping options can take 10 business days to arrive, even though the shipper is literally 2 states over. Even paid shipping is still a lot slower. When I tried prime, it was night and day difference for the same types of products and distances.

    I obviously have no proof of this but it definitely looks like they are "throttling down" non-prime shipments to get you to sign up for prime. Before you say, yeah you can sign up prime and not worry about it but I have not kept the subscription because what was eligible for prime shipping was very spotty.

    Another things that sucks about their shipping is that I have a giant center literally down the road and I can't go there and just pick something up. Instead they ship it out of town just for it to come back …

  6. @Tested Norm showing off some interesting shooting technique 🙂 Might be worthwhile to do some actual firearm training for VR!

  7. Norm, bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced. Shallow depth of field does not equal bokeh. The aesthetic quality of the blur is directly related to the lens itself and it's aperture blades, not it's relationship to the sensor. The Canon 135mm f2 L produces buttery bokeh, regardless of which camera it's on.

  8. In theory if people can "Summon" their Tesla car. Tesla can use it for delivery. Someone orders and pays for the car online. When the car is ready it drives itself to the persons home.

  9. 0:00:00 Show start
    0:02:05 Apple sales, rumored March 15 announcements:
    – new iPhone 4", iPad Air3, watch update
    – Camera enhancements, wireless charging
    0:18:06 Apple recall on AC adaptor (non-US)
    0:18:45 50th anniversary of Smithsonian Institution AND Star Trek
    – Restoring filming miniature of USS Enterprise
    0:24:50 Raspberry Pi tweeting Comcast when speed is low
    0:28:19 Computers getting good at Go
    0:35:25 Microsoft bought Swiftkey (AI play)
    0:37:38 Microsoft's own iOS keyboard
    0:40:09 Microsoft underwater data center research
    0:43:38 Microsoft Iowa caucus site crashed
    0:47:47 Tesla hires former Apple chip designer
    0:50:20 Tesla parking feature
    0:53:05 Guy banned from buying a Tesla
    0:55:00 Tesla model 3
    0:57:08 Amazon non-prime deliveries slowing down.
    1:00:10 Amazon going into 3-400 brick & mortar bookstores
    1:02:00 Prime Now
    1:02:52 Twilight Zone pinball
    1:04:08 Magic Leap VR massive investment funding
    1:07:24 Uber testing driver monitoring
    1:10:53 Delorean building 325 new cars
    1:12:48 A Moment of Science (ends 1:26:00)
    1:13:34 – Zika virus
    1:16:45 – Theranos (blood test) controversy
    1:19:30 – Int'l Space Station new equipment airlock
    1:23:05 – Possible new planet
    1:26:00 VR Minute
    1:26:42 – Elite Dangerous
    1:27:37 – Arizona Sunshine
    1:29:50 – Space Pirate Trainer
    1:31:37 – Hover Junkers
    1:34:28 – All Oculus titles at launch?

  10. Norm, Tesla's goal has ALWAYS been to be in mainstream cars. They started with luxury models because they needed the high end sales to subsidize their R&D, building the factory and charger infrastructure.

  11. OK, Norm: I love you guys, but stick to the tech you know. DeLorean cars are know to be among the most reliable vehicles from the 80s. The reason Steve Wynn has so many leftover parts is because production was stopped short in the UK due to a financing disagreement with the government (not a lack of demand), and the fact that the parts haven't been used due to that reliability. I've owned a DMC12 since 1997, and have spent a grand total of around $1300 to maintain it over that time. The only problems owners tend to encounter have to do explicitly with material age – i.e. seals that dry out from non-use, fuel system contamination from rubber parts being soaked in gasoline for 30 years, etc. It's not only a work of art, but a testament to JZD's engineering background and standards.

  12. I'm not an Apple user, but I hate big phones. I have a Nexus 5 but I'd trade it for a 4" phone right now if I could get an equivalent.

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