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truth of the puppets””
only your test
Image by atinirdosh
We are very much like these puppets, our strings are in the
hands of Almighty…

As i look at puppets i see how happily they surrender to
the wish of their master..and play their role on the stage &
yet come out happily !!

Yet they leave smile on everyones face….:)

Question to ourselves here … are we ready to surrender our
lives to our master..the Almighty ?? and believe everything to
be His wish and come out with smile on our faces..of
contentment..feeling of Divine selfless love and care be it
in rewarding or testing times…???

Love makes it possible to answer all bitter questions and
logic plays of our mind.
We become like puppets, change
our habits and moods for person whom we love deeply.

So as a gradual shift before loving Almighty, are we even
committed to love? It is love only which makes one reach God.
True Love is best bliss and then bliss of surrendership is one leaves total control to Him. Can we control
deep sleep, dreams? Then why not leave control on one who
sees our best?

Loving God…is like loving Air..we know air’s impotance yet cannot
feel love for air. To love someone we need that someone in person
live in front of us, and not just abstract concepts. Flower leaves its
fragrance so does God in Human form does it. Have we
smelled it ever???
If yes, then one will love God immediately and His wish will
be our wish as its love now which matters.

My selfless love is Prasangam with living heart:

True love matters….nothing else matters.

Does anything in our life exceed than true love?? If yes
then we (the puppets of time) are also puppets of our
own mind!!!! Think carefully:)

So…Get Beyond Time and Mind; Feel Divinity.

PS: See the tags too:)

Craft Project: Make a finger puppet and reflect.

Appetite Lost – Test Shot
only your test
Image by Nathan Wells
If you’re interested in LEGO animation, please check out the Bricks in Motion kickstarter!…

This is a test shot from my latest LEGO animation called "Appetite Lost". All of the lighting in this shot is achieved with on-set LifeLites. The only post-processing is a little bit of color balancing. This is not the final shot, but it’s getting close!

Keep workplace in cleanliness and order! [Look inside to get it]
only your test
Image by ˙Cаvin 〄
I found it 2 years ago in Moscow – chaos at old factory and this great sign: "

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