Top 3 Signs You Have a Meniscus Tear in Your Knee. Tests You Can Do

Famous Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck describe 3 tests you can do to determine if you have torn the cartilage or meniscus in your knee. Simple to do.
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20 thoughts on “Top 3 Signs You Have a Meniscus Tear in Your Knee. Tests You Can Do”

  1. Hello Docs

    Have problems with my knee. My joints somehow stuck when do somekind of
    movement, mainly twisting my leg left-right, or from from sitting to
    standing and after that can not strech/extend it fully. But there is always some kind of "popping" ! In the last 2
    months have this issue more then 10 times, and always need chirpractor
    help bring it back to the normal position.
    Don't know is it more similar to meniscus or for ligaments problems?

  2. I tore my lateral meniscus last year and they took 30% of it out. Recently I've noticed knee pain and got another mri and realized that I tore my lateral meniscus again. Would you recommend surgery again?

  3. Hello sir, I only feel pain when I do the first exercise. Also when I push off the leg walking or running and I play basketball frequently. What can be the problem?

  4. Hello sir i slipped on my laminate floor and fell on my knee. I was limping for a bit. Im not sure if I've torn any ligaments because it feels all normal but i cant bend my leg fully only halfway as it is painful. Is this serious?

  5. I've had some uncomfortable posterior knee pain for a couple weeks. It's been uncomfortable but bearable. Today in a fitness class – just warming up – I felt a pop and can't bear any weight on my knee when it's bent. Sharp pain. I can stand on it straight. I don't have any swelling, either. But, I can feel a pop when I baby my weight onto my good leg and do a small squat. I've narrowed to meniscus but I don't have all of the symptoms posted here. Any thoughts? Really appreciate it.

  6. Hello guys, I hurt my knee doing bodyweight one legged squats and my right knee caved inwards and I heard a pretty loud pop. This was about a week ago and it's feeling better, I can walk and ROM is almost back to what it was.I took these tests apart from the last one due to lack of other people around me at the moment (lol), didn't feel any pain. My concern is that there's an apparent swelling on the outside jointline of the knee which appears when the knee is flexed. Could it be a sign for something serious?

  7. sir is it compulsory to undergo anthroscopy or is there any non surgical method to heel from this meniscus tear

  8. I had an MRI and there is also mild knee joint effusion extending into suprapatellar recess and intact crutiate and collateral ligments

  9. sir I have horizontal tear in body of medial meniscus extending into inferior articular could it be treated can u plz suggest me

  10. Hello, I've had a ACL and Meniscus tear and have done surgery about a little over 10 months. My knee feels good now, not a 100% but I'm getting there. Anyway I have this weird kind of "knock" or "pop" in my knee when I quickly extend from a flexed position. It hurts when it "pops" but it's a quick soreness that hurts when it happens than goes away. Sometimes I'm able to "unpop" it when I extend my leg, flex my foot upwards and rotate my leg while bending the knee back. I told my orthopedic about this and she said that it was common for some people and it didn't hinder them from doing things. I'm just really curious to know what this is and why it is happening. Please reply with any solution that you might have about my problem. Thank you:)

  11. Hi this is my MRI Report
    My right knee injured 5 weeks ago
    and I Immediately Fixing that and Walking with a cane for 3 weeks.
    and go to Physiotherapy for 2 weeks daily.
    i Feel little pain when bending down from behind In hamstring and groin

    please more Explain to me Is there a problem and Should I Be Concerned?
    Can i Do sport After This with High intensity?
    (wrestling ,running , volleyball…)
    Please Help Me What should I do?

    Right Knee Joint MRI:

    Medial and lateral menisci have normal shape and signal intensities.

    There is subtle increased T2W & TRIM SI of ACL suspicious for sprain.

    PCL , MCL , LCL and patellar tendon appear normal.

    Visualized bones and muscles have normal signal intensities.

    There is extra-articular edema and moderate knee joint effusion

  12. sir I have meniscus tear ..I feel small pain in back side of knee.. sir how much time to recover meniscus naturally by exercise.

  13. 2 years ago in august, I was running and my foot caught grip and my whole body weight along with heavy force went down powerfully on my fully extended leg and i heard a pop. I would go to the doctors and they said the xrays showed nothing. sometimes when i accidentally put too much weight on it or it bends backwards, it'll pop again with major pain and inability to walk. i now have a small "dent" on the immediate lateral side of my knee cap and was wondering if you have any insight or recommendations on what i should do.

  14. I am a footballer but I got an accident while riding my bike I got hit in my knee…my doctor said it's just a blood clot and he injected and removed blood from my knee… I've got small pain while bending my knee is there any problem for ligament…but iam playing football now but little pain

  15. Twisted my knee about a week ago playing football felt a pop didn't swell but tender on the outside of my knee been resting and icing but hurts when I walk on it or straighten my knee I hope it's just an LCL sprain.

  16. hello doc.myself lucky and i am 22 yrs old and i play rugby professionally, I had ACL surgery last year may 2015 , everything was good I recovered and in dec 2015 played university games now in march 2016 I was doing my fitness , it was like m running in full pace then stop suddenly and again accelerate its like shuttle runs ,then some jerk or something happened in the same leg (left) I was very serious about that so I suddenly had an MRI the reports suggested that its 3rd grade medial meniscus tear , the doctor first suggested me to do exercise because he said it can be healed but while I was doing exercises I feel more pain on the medial side of knee so I stopped and again visited doc.he then suggested me surgery and said we will see how much your meniscus is injured and we will oprate according to that.on Aug 1st its my surgery day .its all about the injury sir.
    Now I just want to ask after all this can I perform like I did before all this ? its all about my carrier please reply as early u can.Thank u sir

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