The REAL dangers of microwave ovens – and how to test if yours is leaking

What you need:
A cell phone with connection (not on airplane mode)
A microwave
What you need to do:
Place your cell phone in the microwave and close the door
Do NOT turn on the microwave
Ring the phone from another line
If it rings, that means the microwaves used to create that connection can pass through the protective metal mesh.

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15 thoughts on “The REAL dangers of microwave ovens – and how to test if yours is leaking”

  1. Microwave is dangerous !!! I have two brain aneurysms and it's clipped I suffered migraines for years after the surgeries then I went on vacation for a month and that whole month where I was located high mountains was no signal for my cell phone we also had no microwave I traveled the island and when I returned I noticed my head aches was back, it was then that I realized it maybe my microwave and or my cell phone so I purchased blue tooth for my cellphone got rid of microwave. It is 3 years now past and I have not one head ache so far.

  2. Microwaves are for lazy Sheeple, Microwaves destroy the nutritional value, of the food,mmm!!!! but it sure tastes good!!! All microwaves leak even when not in use, unless they un-plugged!!!!

  3. Did I miss the part about how to test for leakage? I watched it twice and never saw that addressed.

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