Photographic Memory Test – Only 1% Can Pass This

Take this test to find out if you are among the 1% of the human population who have a photographic memory.
If you fail any, sorry, you are the 99%.
Don’t beat yourself up though. You are not idiot level yet.
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20 thoughts on “Photographic Memory Test – Only 1% Can Pass This”

  1. that can't be photographic memory cause I got every question right and I don't have a photographic memory for sure

  2. Lmao I feel bad for the people who think they have a photographic memory 😂😂 because of this video, this was too easy…

  3. yessssssss, iam a jenius
    actually my real name is alfonso giratina,you could find it on facebook and sory because i was using my father account

  4. Hey I did all of them correctly although I did not exactly know the colour even when I first saw them but I got the image do I still pass

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