✔ What is Your Deepest Fear?

What is your phobia? Which phobia are you most likely to have?
What is your worst fear? What are you scared of? Phobias and Fears.
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What is your weakness? Are you scared of darkness? What is your horror story?
What is your greatest fear? What is your darkest fear? Do I have Social Anxiety?
Social phobia (SAD) Social anxiety disorder! Autophobia / Fear of being alone!
Achluophobia / Fear of darkness! Cleithrophobia / Fear of being locked or trapped!

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20 thoughts on “✔ What is Your Deepest Fear?”

  1. I have Achluophobia apparently…but the weird thing is, I am quite afraid of the dark, and I actually do have irregular heartbeat, and if I don't eat like a pig, I lose a TON of weight, and there have been many occasions where I couldn't sleep all night…

  2. I'm my case Yes I'm kind of scared of darkness thinking that something will jumpscare me, rapid breathing is idk I have a big big breath sometimes and I had one sleepless night

  3. I got the fear of social interactions, me and my BFF ( the only one who truly understands me ) reunited today and a slipped right a when we about to hug ;-;

  4. omg i got fear of the dark and its true .if i was in the dark i feel liked someone os wachtinng me and i thought someone will grab my feet and bring at the top floor and drop me

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