Screening Tests

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Screening Tests
tests for you
Image by DES Daughter
You have the Right to remain Anxious

Hilda Bastian is Editor etc at PubMed Health, blogger at Scientific American. Commenting on epidemiology with cartoons at Statistically funny.

Read You have the right to remain anxious…. by Hilda Bastian.

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Diamond Shader test v2.0
tests for you
Image by *ACiD
Update from my previous version.
You know what they say…. better late than never.

Found a small error in my dispersion settings. Looks much better now (hopefully).

Ill probably build a scene around this (slowly, when i find some free time).


tests for you
Image by Richard Walker Photography
Went for a nice long walk last weekend to try out my new Cosyspeed Camslinger bag which is absolutely brilliant and much nicer to use than a backpack. Everything is there, ready to use around your waist. Strictly for those shooting with mirrorless cameras but if that’s you then it’s worth taking a look at I will be doing a full review soon, once as I’ve tested it for cycling.

I walked about 10km around Coombe Hill in Buckinghamshire but the weather wasn’t really playing ball so I got in the car and started to drive home. About halfway home I spotted this field so jumped out of the car to have a look around and got this shot. The thing that makes it for me is the movement in the field. There was quite a breeze blowing so I just rattled off about 30 shots and then chose the one that had the nicest pattern.

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