Psychopath Test – Are you normal ?

Study shows , one out of every 25 people have psychopathic tendencies..Psychopath are hard to recognize because they wore the mask of social charm and friendly face but dont get tricked by this ..they don’t have conseince and aren’t bound by social morality..
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20 thoughts on “Psychopath Test – Are you normal ?”

  1. I thought she walked naked over the brigde seduced the guard gave him a blowjob and got to Switserland. (a very boring country). Am I a sexual maniac?

  2. I finished early, so I decided to come up with another solution. The first solution was he killed him and the second was the real answer.

  3. My only problem is this…..WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THE BODIES! The garage is full, the crawl space is full. It is really getting stinky and Mumsey is constantly bitching about it.

  4. thats a bad test because killing people is normal during war and IF he did his job well he would kill the woman in your answer

  5. I thaught the lady should've swim across the river quickly for 3 mutinies, hide (underwater), and do it for 3 mutinies again

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