Cigniti’s Mobile Testing on the cloud

A test lab with an inventory of a range of mobile devices, regression tests on multiple devices, load tests, simulation of mobile eco-system and an experienced testing team. These lines might represent ‘the medieval history of Mobile testing’ as Cigniti’s Mobile testing brings all the testing techniques under one cloud, literally.
Cigniti’s Mobile device cloud
In response to the growing complications in testing the applications designed for mobile phones, Cigniti has come up with a ‘Cloud’ which allows remote access and testing of a range of the mobile devices in the world.
A part of the cloud, Cigniti’s Proprietary Mobile Test Automation Framework comes with re-usable assets that accelerate Regression testing across mobile phone operating systems.
The on-demand service has a bank of models of mobile devices from legacy to latest, enabling the testers to see the compatibility of the application over the world wide range of devices with different configurations and compatibilities.
Cigniti’s testing ensures confidence in the functioning of the application in the mobility ecosystem.
Cigniti’s mobile device cloud offers:

Compatibility testing

Functionality testing

Performance testing

Test automation

Interoperability testing

Network carrier testing

Some of the challenges that a client faces are

* Maintaining test lab with inventory of latest & legacy devices

* specialist mobile testing expertise

* simulating the mobile ecosystem (Devices, networks, location)

* Ability to conduct load tests

* Effectively performing regression testing on multiple devices.

Why Cigniti?

Cigniti is a pure play, Independent Software Testing Services Company and is publicly listed. Over the last 14 years Cigniti has worked with leading ISVs and Enterprise organizations to deliver quality software using proprietary PREDICT QUALITY ™ test methodology and test advisory services. We can help with the reducing the cost and efforts of testing by giving you a globally accessible mobile device bank. You can test multiple devices which are available world- wide on Cigniti’s mobile device cloud and accelerate your test automation and performance testing efforts.

Cigniti Technologies has deep expertise and proprietary frameworks to accelerate testing for improved time to market for its clients. Its state of the art tool and technology agnostic test labs offers on demand access for key services such as core testing, test automation, performance testing, mobile testing, robotics testing and security testing.

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