Some cool all your testing images:

all your testing
Image by Lance Cunningham
This photograph was a test shot to fine tune my exposure (it’s a little over exposed) and get set up for a long exposure to try and get a tug (tug blur) to go through the photograph. I have been trying to get this effect in my night photography as you don’t see the tug as a whole, but you do see some of the lights and glow from the tug. I got about half of the tug in this shot (right side of the photo, kind of lost in the containers) to test the look and framing. Near the end of the exposure a Harbor Seal or Sea Lion (I can’t tell) jumped up on the bulbous bow and posed for me. Right after the shutter closed he jumped off and was gone. Sometimes photography is all about luck. Even though the ship and Seal have motion blur I still like the photograph overall.

Thanks for looking-L.C.

Successful Test for Ares Rocket Component (NASA, Ares, 1/30/09)
all your testing
Image by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center
The development of NASA’s next-generation crew launch vehicle, the Ares I rocket, took another step forward on Jan, 29 as Alliant Techsystems, or ATK, successfully tested a critical piece. ATK conducted a full-scale separation test of the forward skirt extension for the Ares I-X flight test at its facility in Promontory, Utah.

The Ares I-X test launch is scheduled to lift off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida during 2009. The rocket will climb about 25 miles in altitude during a two-minute powered flight. The launch will culminate with a test of the separation of the first stage from the rocket and deployment of the accompanying parachute system that will return the first stage to Earth for data and hardware recovery.

The test simulated the separation event that will take place following the first stage flight of Ares I-X. During the Ares I-X flight, the booster will separate at the frustum, a cone-shaped piece that attaches the first stage to the larger diameter upper stage.

Image credit: ATK/NASA

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p.s. You can see all of the Ares photos in the Ares Group in Flickr at: We’d love to have you as a member!

Midnight Hues
all your testing
Image by KGSImaging
It’s always difficult to get clarity on a foggy night. Artificial lighting just doesn’t produce the required heat to drive back the heaviness of the evening – so that’s why you have to stick around the fire.

This photo was a pain – and to be completely honest, I’m not 100% sure why I decided to develop it in full. It’s a 3 stack hand-hold HDR that originally suffered from the Canon Reds and didn’t pass my smell test. It went through 3 or 4 color rebalancing/saturation methods; a collection of sharpen and unsharpen filters and well.. everything else under the sun that you could throw at the image.

I guess the reason I kept pushing at it was the deep purples in the sky – they really called to me. I hope you all enjoy!

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