3 Tests to tell if your S.I. is causing your BACK PAIN- (S.I. = Sacroiliac)

Famous Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present 3 tests you can do to determine if your back pain is actually being caused by your S.I.Joint (sacroiliac joint).
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These tests are not treatable by drugs so that’s why cardiologists won’t run them. They can only be reversed with nutrition, herbs and diet. If you have a genetic predisposition to heart disease because it’s in your family or any concern at all about you heart you must get these four tests run. Must. They are even more important than standard LDL, Cholesterol, etc.

Dr. Schmidt
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22 thoughts on “3 Tests to tell if your S.I. is causing your BACK PAIN- (S.I. = Sacroiliac)”

  1. I get pain from my but all the way down my leg. Most I can stand up is 20min. same goes with sitting and walking. only thing that helps is lying down. I'm only 23. Is this SI?

  2. Hi therapists i want to ask about my pec injury.i used to do very hard pushups variations but next day i woke up and i felt very ache in my chest from then i rested for like 2 months(im dumb)and now i want to try active release…i can do pushups its been like 6 months since injury but its nagging especially the first time you go down in pushup..i want to say that i feel pain more in my minor pec also in front shoulder area and i want to try active release massage by myself..my question is can i still train puships while doing it ?will it heal even if i continue training it while i still do ART??please tell me yes ))thanks for these videos.alsp when i do pushups i dont nescesarily feel pain alot but it does a bit(alsp tight maybe).please reply ))

  3. Love the intro song! Love your fun!
    You guys are really helping to share info for people to decide if they have SI pain- and more importantly, and that they can do something about it.

  4. I have benefited greatly from your videos. Thank you so much. I am retired and keeping in as good physical condition as possible is a priority for me.

  5. Hi, i really like your vids. I struggle with shin splints from alot of training, and i dont have time to stay off the training, do you have excercises to better or stablelize my condition?

  6. I'm dealing with back pain that feels almost like a herniated disk towards the right side near my hip. I cannot afford healthcare , I am 17 and my parents are neglecting that I have an issue. The leg raise doesn't hurt, however, the slumped sitting leg raise is gruesome. I will continue to look through the videos to maybe see what it could be, but any feedback would mean the world to me. Thanks guys.

  7. One of the quick screenings for SIJ we were instructed is to have the patient supine with the knees bent to approximately 45 degrees. Then, we apply pressure at the ASIS for about 5 seconds with over pressure at the end. Positive sign is if their pain is reproduced. Our instructors teach from the IAOM.

  8. For the third test, can u use it to also diagnose tail bone pain? and can you also address the poping and clicking sounds caused by joint movement and what could they possibly tell? Many thanks great video like always.

  9. Your video "How to unblock cholesterol plaqued arteries" was a revelation, and if the knowledge presented is true, it seems like the most fundamental approach to cardiovascular health. Yet, I am confused about how intake of natural vitamin C and avoiding sugar will affect already teared and plaqued arteries. Will it repair the very wall beneath the plaque, causing the plaque to loosen? In this video you promote using Horse Chestnut to solidify unstable plaquing, which seems like the opposite approach, akin (pun intended) to the calcification of plaque. So what will it be? I'd rather get rid of the plaque, but if using natural vitamin C loosens the plaque, won't that cause a grave temporary danger for old plaque to get clogged in the smaller arteries?

  10. Hi.. I saw that you siad Ascorbic acid isn't Vit C (in total). But the Standard Process Vit C that you recommend also quotes Ascorbic acid as an ingredient..and also something called "bovine adrenal Cytoso"…Bovine being Cow ??

  11. How would i receive a recommendation for the whole food products you talked about in the heart disease video?

    I emailed them and they informed me that i would need a doctor recommendation,and since your a doctor how would i go about getting the vitamin C whole food supplements?

    Also,i wasn't able to assess if i should take more than just vitamin C or several of the products they offer at Standard Process, so i would need some sort of guidance about which to take. Thanks for your efforts and your content.

  12. Dr. Schmidt,

    I've not had a Lipoprotein(a) test, but have had an NMR LipoProfile test.  Is "LDL-P" anywhere near as helpful a measurement as Lp(a)?

    Also, I've considered having a Carotid Intima Media Thickness (CIMT) scan done, to assess my arteries.  However, the nearest clinic I can find is in a neighboring state.  My Functional Medicine Doctor suggests having a Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC) scan completed, as that's cheap and can be done locally.  I hesitate on the CAC, due to the radiation exposure.  The Doctor states it's minimal, but CTs have been notorious for over-dosing patients.  Would you think the CAC is a "safe" level of radiation?  (That looks as absurd in print as it sounded in my head.)

    Thanks, Doc.


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