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Archive: Telescope Mirror Segements (NASA, James Webb Space Telscope, 04/14/11)
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Image by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center
Editor’s note: So why are we re-posting this photo from 2011? Aside from being one of our very favorite eye-catching images, the caption also describes how the segments were tested in a helium-cooled vacuum chamber at Marshall. When I saw that today was the wacky ‘Create a Vaccum Day’ holiday, this image came to mind. Enjoy your day, Flickr friends!

The first six of 18 segments that will form NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope’s primary mirror for space observations will begin final round-the-clock cryogenic testing this week. These tests will confirm the mirrors will respond as expected to the extreme temperatures of space prior to integration into the telescope’s permanent housing structure.

The X-ray and Cryogenic Facility at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. will provide the space-like environment to help engineers measure how well the telescope will image infrared sources once in orbit.

Each mirror segment measures approximately 4.3 feet (1.3 meters) in diameter to form the 21.3 foot (6.5 meters), hexagonal telescope mirror assembly critical for infrared observations. Each of the 18 hexagonal-shaped mirror assemblies weighs approximately 88 pounds (40 kilograms). The mirrors are made of a light and strong metal called beryllium, and coated with a microscopically thin coat of gold to enabling the mirror to efficiently collect light.

"The six flight mirrors sitting ready for cryogenic acceptance tests have been carefully polished to their exact prescriptions," said Helen Cole, project manager for Webb activities at Marshall. "It’s taken the entire mirror development team, including all the partners, over eight years of fabrication, polishing and cryogenic testing to get to this point."

During cryogenic testing, the mirrors are subjected to extreme temperatures dipping to minus 415 degrees Fahrenheit (-248C) in a 7,600 cubic-foot (approximately 215 cubic meter) helium-cooled vacuum chamber. This permits engineers to measure in extreme detail how the shape of the mirror changes as it cools. This simulates the actual processes each mirror will undergo as it changes shape over a range of operational temperatures in space.

"This final cryotest is expected to confirm the exacting processes that have resulted in flight mirrors manufactured to tolerances as tight as 20 nanometers, or less than one millionth of an inch," said Scott Texter, Webb Optical Telescope element manager at Northrop Grumman in Redondo Beach, Calif.

A second set of six mirror assemblies will arrive at Marshall in July to begin testing, and the final set of six will arrive during the fall.

More about the James Webb Space Telescope:

Credit: NASA/MSFC/David Higginbotham

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(Remember)Test de Rorschach 1 / Rorschach Test 1 (Comment what you see)
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Image by _Hadock_

Humo, lo que se ve aquí no es nada más que humo de incienso que casi hace que me ahogue en mi habitación mientras sacaba las fotos jeje.

Los colores se han invertido y se ha cambiado el color del humo, además hice una simetría de superposición, pero no tiene más misterio (para los que me pregunten como lo he hecho).

Es la primera de serie de algunos dibujos/fotos que he sacado.

Las intrpretaciones se las dejo a psicólogos y sociólogos. Aquí cada persona vé una cosa distinta.

¿Y tú que ves?

Comentalo si te ha gustado y da tu opinión sobre lo que ves.
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