100% accurate: I can predict YOUR future!! (incredible mind reading experiment)

100% true and accurate!! I will tell you what your future holds for you. This is an incredible mind reading experiment which I will use to predict your future. Just like a fortune teller!

I hope you like it. It is based on an awesome symbols and shape trick that basically arranges the shapes such that you always end up on the one that will predict your future! 🙂

Here is the text written out:

I will now predict your future! (with your help)
Follow my instructions carefully!
The moves you are allowed to make are:
Up and down, Left and Right
You are not allowed to move diagonally:
You are allowed to move back and forth between shapes.
Ok, let‘s go!
Place your finger on one of the four shapes:
Let me add some more shapes: (you stay where you are)
Now move four Ames. Remember that you can’t move diagonally or off of the page and it’s okay to repeatedly move between two shapes.
Rest your finger on the shape that you ended-up on.
I’ve removed a shape because I know that you are currently not pointing at it. 😛
From your current shape, move five Times.
OK… now, move two times.
Again, from your current shape, move three times.
Still in the game?
OK… from your current shape, move three times.
Only three three! LAST step: move ONE time.
(You‘re lucky you didn‘t select the devil or the murderer!!!)
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Please let me know whether this worked and whether you are happy with your fate. 🙂 Please leave a comment. Yours, DB

This Magic Card Trick can read your mind & uses music from:
“Beachfront Celebration and Complex” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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