Abraham Hicks ~ The universe never tests you

The universe is not testing you, the universe is yielding evidence of where you are vibrationally.

San Antonio 19th April 2014

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パンジー (Pansy)
Shades Of Purple

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Bet impossible to win | A Challenge Only Genius People Can Solve

Test your brain with this challenge. Ask your friends to do it. This bet you will always win.

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Nice All Your Testing photos

Some cool all your testing images:

Rio Jima,Bonao
all your testing
Image by Gogolac
Río Jima, en las proximidades de la autopista duarte.
Justo de bajo de la autopista. en varios viajes a la vega pensé pararme en este río pero siempre me escudaba con algo para seguir mi camino, aunque esta parada fue mas una prueba, pienso regresar con mas tiempo para caminar río arriba en busca de una mejor composición.
Si notan algunas fotos repetidas varias veces, miren los photo details pues cada una fue hecha con velocidades de exposición diferentes.
Rio Jima, near the Duarte highway.
Fair under the freeway. in several trips to la vega I thought stand on this river but always shielded me with something to go my way, but this stop was more test, I think back with more time to walk upstream in search of a better composition.
If you notice some repeated several times photos, look at the details for each photo was made with different exposure rates.

© 2013 Carlos Eduardo. No usage permitted without prior written consent. All rights reserved. Prohibido su uso sin previa autorización escrita.

~ the eightfold middle path ~
all your testing
Image by littlenelly (rare but there)
“Do not believe in something because it is reported. Do not believe in something because it has been practiced by generations or becomes a tradition or part of a culture. Do not believe in something because a scripture says it is so. Do not believe in something believing a god has inspired it. Do not believe in something a teacher tells you to. Do not believe in something because the authorities say it is so. Do not believe in hearsay, rumor, speculative opinion, public opinion, or mere acceptance to logic and inference alone. Help yourself, accept as completely true only that which you test for yourself and know to be good for yourself and others.”

Dear flickr-friends, I wish you all a peaceful and enjoyable sunday !

In Explore Sep 08,2007 #264

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What Is Free Paternity Test?

If a man wants to know if the child is biologically his, then he can get free paternity test done. Nowadays, the biomedical field is so extremely progressive that an individual can get DNA Paternity testing before the child arrives. Yes, it is true that you can assure that the child is really yours. Presently, DNA Paternity testing can be carried out at DNA test centers as well as at your residence. With 100% guarantee, you will be able to confirm if you are the true father of your child. The test results are extremely reliable to the extent that even the judge uses the news to prove the father’s rights on the baby if there are cases connected to paternity, financial needs and guardianship. Thus, with the help of DNA paternity test, it is easy to prove if the child is biologically yours. Each person owns a unique DNA set which assists the health specialists to discover if the father is genetically related to the child.

Here are few simple reasons to go for paternity test:

– To provide fiscal remuneration to the child.

– To know their family history.

– Normally, some communal aid requires paternity information.

– To let the child know about their health issues.

– To avail paternity leave and rights connected with it.

– To get rights of biological father.

A lot of people use free DNA Paternity testing to nullify paternity. This type of testing is also termed as ‘challenging paternity’|The other name for this test is ‘challenging paternity’.

Paid DNA Paternity testing is exactly like free DNA Paternity testing. If you find a reliable company, the results are same, whether you use free or paid DNA Paternity testing. Free DNA paternity testing is offered by many corporations as it is a question of social cause. But you need to contact a dependable company. If you choose an unfailing company, you could endanger your relation as the test reports will either break or make the relationship. Thus, before you choose a company for getting free DNA paternity test, you need to know all the possible details about the company. You must understand whether the industry provides true test kits and whether the total testing method is taken with extreme care. However, once you are confirmed that the company or any social agency offer safe and completely reliable DNA Paternity testing, you can go ahead and get the test done for free.

If you are looking for a legitimate paternity tests, you can check on every online stores or online companies. Though, it is often though that online stores or companies don’t offer paternity that meet legal standards, but you can always read the reviews and feedback posted by some other clients who have tried their testing process earlier . The reviews present you a precise plan if the company offers reliable free DNA Paternity test service. Moreover, you can speak to a local primary health care center in your state. You will get a perfect recommendation regarding the free DNA Paternity test procedures provided by these corporations. Also there are some labs that offer free DNA Paternity test for special days like Father’s Day. Thus this may assist you to obtain a trustworthy health center supplying DNA testing services without charge.

Learn more about free paternity tests, and visit dnatestingfaq.com to find the best dna paternity test for your needs.

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