FIRST EVER Doppelgänger DNA test – Twin Strangers

For the first time ever we’ve decided to conduct a DNA test on a Twin Strangers Pair! Niamh Geaney and her third doppelganger Irene Adams were both tested to find out if they’re:
– Sisters
– Half-sisters
– Related in anyway up to 20,000 years ago.

The results are in and we present them to you now!
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40 thoughts on “FIRST EVER Doppelgänger DNA test – Twin Strangers”

  1. Meh, you are definitely related somehow. The haplogroup is only measuring a very specific lineage path. Going by your assessment, I'm not related to the cousins on my father's side because we don't share the same mitochondrial DNA. I've been researching my family line a lot lately, and one of my famous 15th great grandparents is known to have more than 10 million descendants. That ancestor is only 400 years back. So, I am related to 10 million people through that one ancestor, but that's only ONE of my many 15th great grandparents. It's pretty safe to say that I'm related to way more through everyone else. I don't know if you've done this, but you should look into your genealogy. DNA tests are pretty imprecise ways to measure distant relationships or ethnic backgrounds. I love the idea of doppelgangers, though. Pretty cool and thanks for sharing.

  2. Just because you don't share haplogroups it doesn't mean you can't be related.
    The lineages could have intermingled somewhere inbetween.

  3. You can't really be doppelgängers since you aren't identical
    You look very similar but not at all identical

  4. i have 4 friends ones a boy and we all look alike and one of their siblings look like my little sister. and one shares the same birthday different year. and all of our birthdays are in june. we didn't learn of each other untill others pointed it out

  5. can't believe they are not twins or sisters. getting eye strain here as they look more similar than most sisters. good watch though for sure

  6. yes we do, because everyone sees that the right strawberry (on tr thumbail) is the "normal" one. if everyone is seeing it different then it could be the right one thats normal.?

  7. I used to say this when i was 15 yo . All of my friends used to call me stupid and i dont know want im saying . Thank you Vsauce

  8. Can't you sign to an ape " I now something you don't" and then teach it what theory of mind is? Or will it not respond because it does not understand what you mean.

  9. The fact that our brains have all evolved on the same blueprint and chemistry and that we all learn in the same manner is proof that we all have an identical perception of color. As a child I too pondered the question, but then logic took hold.

  10. I'm not trying to be all CT here…
    But would we ever know if they did "ask a question"??
    I think that animal would be locked away before we saw it on the news.

  11. I personally believe our colors are the same except when it comes to color blind people. And here is my case on this. We always hear, "Wow, what a beautiful day with a beautiful blue sky."

    But you never hear "ugly blue sky.". lol. unless all colors are beautiful to everybody or in the sky.

  12. i thought about these things before, not only about colour but anything. anything we see is constructed in our brain. it could look completely different to you than to me without us actually being aware of it. it's impossible to know. my theory is, that's why we all have different "tastes" and preferences.

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