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Rio Jima,Bonao
all your testing
Image by Gogolac
Río Jima, en las proximidades de la autopista duarte.
Justo de bajo de la autopista. en varios viajes a la vega pensé pararme en este río pero siempre me escudaba con algo para seguir mi camino, aunque esta parada fue mas una prueba, pienso regresar con mas tiempo para caminar río arriba en busca de una mejor composición.
Si notan algunas fotos repetidas varias veces, miren los photo details pues cada una fue hecha con velocidades de exposición diferentes.
Rio Jima, near the Duarte highway.
Fair under the freeway. in several trips to la vega I thought stand on this river but always shielded me with something to go my way, but this stop was more test, I think back with more time to walk upstream in search of a better composition.
If you notice some repeated several times photos, look at the details for each photo was made with different exposure rates.

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~ the eightfold middle path ~
all your testing
Image by littlenelly (rare but there)
“Do not believe in something because it is reported. Do not believe in something because it has been practiced by generations or becomes a tradition or part of a culture. Do not believe in something because a scripture says it is so. Do not believe in something believing a god has inspired it. Do not believe in something a teacher tells you to. Do not believe in something because the authorities say it is so. Do not believe in hearsay, rumor, speculative opinion, public opinion, or mere acceptance to logic and inference alone. Help yourself, accept as completely true only that which you test for yourself and know to be good for yourself and others.”

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