How to Pass Your Drivers Test – The Secrets!

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Follow these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to passing your drivers test!

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40 thoughts on “How to Pass Your Drivers Test – The Secrets!”

  1. im never this nervous i take my test tommorow wish me luck im really scared and im doubting my self especially on the reverse parking but idk hope i pass

  2. you totally suck,you don't differentiate between a four way stop and a two way stop, nor mention rolling blind spot checks, nor mentioning major intersections at left and right turns. Nor do you mention conduct on making right turns at red lights properly nor mention the S curve technique at left turns. Honestly you totally suck at this. You never mentiopn the 3 second space rule nor looking at your rear view mirrors every 10-15 seconds…. you need to really get more educated before you can give advice on driving…

  3. I don't know if this matter but, what is the first thing you do when you get in the car? Adjust your seat, putting on seatbelt then starting the car? orr?

  4. I passed my test first time and if I can give anyone any tips then just believe in yourself that is the most important thing. Self belief is your first step to passing. 'Try' to keep calm I know it is hard because I was nervous but just don't worry about. Another tip is do not think you have failed just because you tapped the kerb during a manoeuvre. Check your mirrors and blindspot don't go to slow and don't go to fast. Most of the time you should go at the speed limit unless it is unsafe to do so. Another problem for people is being too hesitant. Remember you do not have to stop, ha drake and set clutch and gas at a giveaway, just roll up to them and if you can go then go. One mistake I made was setting off in neutral that is quite serious and I could have failed but I just quickly and safely fixed the problem and I made progress, yes that is a key word progress. You must make progress don't think that just because it is your test that you must go slow or wait unnecessarily. If someone gives you way then take it don't sit there like a wholly saying "I'm not going." Learn the show me tell me, you will not fail for getting them wrong but you will look a bit stupid if you go for your test and you have not even bothered to learn the answers. To sum it up book your test when you think you are ready not your instructor, do not slow down or change lanes etc without checking your mirrors. The minimum is middle and right mirror. Do t give up either I'm going to be honest now I did not think I had passes at all and I thought this about half way through when I messed um my parrell parking by gently tapping the kerb. I got 5 minors and passes 1st time and there is no reason why YOU CANT EITHER as long as drive safely and make the examiner feel they are safe. Now go out there and achieve what you are worth GREATNESS.

  5. Taking a second attempt at the test tomorrow. I got nervous the first time and made some dumb mistakes but I've got a good feeling this time around. Wish me luck!

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