Motorola Moto G Gorilla Glass scratch & underwater test – DON’T do it to yours, it will break

Motorola Moto G Gorilla Glass scratch & underwater test - DON'T do it to yours, it will break

Motorola’s latest phone, the incredibly cheap £135.00 Moto G, is reputed to have the latest Gorilla Glass 3 covering the screen, and a water repellant “Nano Coating” on the internal electronics. Here we put both features to the test, with a pocket full of keys, and a sink full of water – will the phone survive??? Is it really resistant to a soaking / dropping in the sink??? Remember, DON’T do this to your phone, you will ruin it. I cannot be held responsible if you do. Keep watching to find out if Moto are onto a winner! Like and SUBSCRIBE to have your chance to win this test phone – the amazing Moto G.

20 thoughts on “Motorola Moto G Gorilla Glass scratch & underwater test – DON’T do it to yours, it will break”

  1. even though this phone has gorilla glass if u drop it on the corner it will crack dosent even have to be drop from a high altitude it happen to mine

  2. Dropped my Moto G phone into water yesterday, took it out within a couple of seconds. It seemed ok, but then went into repeated boot loops. Opened it up, no visible water inside (prob because of water repellant treatment). Followed the steps below, and after 24 hrs the boot loops ended and it is now working fine.

    Despite the water repellant treatment, water sitting on surfaces can cause problems both immediately and longer term (through oxidation). Thorough drying out only possible through evaporation (immersion in rice is pointless with these sealed units, as it's a capillary action desiccant which only works via physical contact with water molecules).

    So: power off immediately after retrieving from water; remove back to expose as much of the interior as possible; remove SIM card. Then keep the phone in a warm place overnight (eg airing cupboard – NOT oven or microwave). Leave for 24 hrs; then attempt re-activation.

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