Abraham Hicks ~ The universe never tests you

The universe is not testing you, the universe is yielding evidence of where you are vibrationally.

San Antonio 19th April 2014

Thank you to the Source of this information, Abraham-Hicks

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パンジー (Pansy)
Shades Of Purple

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20 thoughts on “Abraham Hicks ~ The universe never tests you”

  1. The reason why the very next day she avoided him like the plague is what any woman hearing this man knows without even seeing him…..he's a complete goof…and he should just go find an equally goofy woman in his church who would find his laugh?….delightful, along with his big ol unintelligent ego. He cannot even hear or comprehend what Abraham is saying. 

  2. i love the vibration chime at the beginning… it has a deep peaceful feel that takes root so far back throughout many Asian cultures. Putting you in a meditative state of mind, feeling the now, centering you.

  3. It may not be a test in the Christian sense.  But it is indeed a form of test.  One that many don't seem to do very well at.

  4. These teachings are serious yet so comical. Or is it that we look comical trying to be too serious.
    Bwahahah tehehehhe @she like Devil cards.

  5. Many people were brought up to believe we were being 'tested' constantly by some judgmental invisible being that gets tired of us if we don't do what it says. I'm glad you mentioned that; it was something that never felt right to me and I know people who believe that. I needed this to open my eyes a little more and I thank you:)

  6. I totally love and appreciate how Abraham ALWAYS takes it back to YOU….."LOA never makes a mistakes, ever. LOA always yields back to YOU exactly what YOU'RE putting out." I LOVE IT!!!

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