This is only a test, Emergency Alert System practice interrupting your T.V.4-12-11

10 20 in the morning on April 12th 2011, watching Softball when out of No where the Emergency Alert System conducted a practice, interrupting all channels. Did the only thing i knew what to do at the time and that was film it. Not sure why they are doing this, but its another indication that something could take place in which the Emergency Alert System is needed.
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22 thoughts on “This is only a test, Emergency Alert System practice interrupting your T.V.4-12-11”

  1. The Emergency Alert System (EAS) has been around since 1997, when it replaced the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS). The EBS was established in 1963.

    Pursuant to United States Code, Title 47 (Telecommunications), Volume 1, each media station must perform a required weekly test (RWT) and a required monthly test (RMT). What you captured in this video is a very common occurrence. 

  2. also I'm not out to remove the product I can care less if u look at my first comment I was suggesting a better way stupid. and so what if people wrote how good it is diffrent people in diffrent situations also for all we know that can be you with diffrent names trying to promote the product. also now that I think of it who are you? do you work for the company or a distributor? cause if you are your prompting a illegal product by you admitting it's used to defeat and defraud a drug test. wow you should get fired . that company should smack themselves for hiring you. if you look in your comment you writing about how to beat a test lol your stupid as Shit smh

  3. one more thing too I hope your not that female in the video you goolish looking Russian hairy arm pit Nazi your the last person anyone should listen to maybe in your country it's ok to wear the same tampon over and over for months to cut down on cost but here in the United States we don't have that issue. like really sally a fucking bloody tampon is this best you can come up with? ya might work for a non supervised test and if so you wouldn't even need this product you can just bring in a bottle cause it's not mandated to search or watch you pee. but for females in the system don't you think probation parole isp an drugcourt see pictures and videos of all these products? it's there job to catch people there for they will be looking for someone with a hanging tampon string every time and your talking about cost or testing ? what about you buying a new tampon adapter everytime unless you plan on removing it and puting it in your pocket in front of the officer lol you might get away with it cause you dirty Russian woman tend to do crazy Shit lol. but other people are not gonna buy it every time that's number one! number 2! you can simply add a desloving cap to place over the tip of the device therefore once you sit down at remove in the evidence would be destroyed in water in the tollete. boom go sit down hoodrat

  4. Really skanky sally look up 'County drug court program' they have the money and yes a expert dear ? No personal experience dumb dumb I'm there when the females get called in. Now u do the fucking math 2 to 3 times a week for drug testing and a females menstrual cycle arrives once a month and lasts 3 to 5 days depending on a females body that's 2 days shy of a week if your counting 5 days.. fast forward a week. Your in a supervised setting again where your officer giving you the test is present she sees you pee cause court mandated test are legally allowed to watch you start the Stream of urine into the sample cup. At this point how would you explain your a week over your last period and still have a dirty tampon located inside you? I don't think so sweetheart not gonna work class dismissed take a seat and go dooch yourself.

  5. and females can piss without pulling the tampon out. u have 10 girls all getting tested in front of a officer who gets emails about all theses products and everyone happens to have these period the same day or every time you come in? don't list to sally there Shit suckssss

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  7. Ladies, my wife and I thought the tampon thing was questionable also. But she was able to pull it off a couple of times for job interviews. But when she went on Probation and started supervised testing, we called the company for advice. They have a device called SheWhizz2 that doesn't use a tampon. Wife has used it the last 4 times. No issues so far and she loves it.

  8. think about it lady's especially on probation or isp or drugcourt. u get called in 2 to 3 times a week plus randoms. how many days does you have a tampon in for you don't have a period for more then 1 week . also your gonna have to throw them out your officer sees you saving a uses tampon lmfao your gonna have to cover the tips/ends of the device with something eles. I suggest making something and practice using it at home. use like sticky clay or something. best advice is you wanna make yourself diffrent then anyone eles. just think how easy it would be if not alot of people knew about this and the guys whizzanator u know? good luck

  9. does the shewizz 2 make a sound when you go to open it? like a click or anything? a video of the shewizz cupid 2 would be great!

  10. i cant understand how you girls dont see the beauty of this thing. It goes inside you, so it cant be seen and the pee comes out at exact body temp. Ive used mine 9 times so far. Passed everytime and i was being watched CLOSELY. For the girl that said it kept falling out, WTF? You need some keggles. LOL. Anyway, girls, trust me this is the only thing ive every found that i trust 100.

  11. i ordered one of these about to try it at probation heres hoping they dont catch me lol thats a whole other charge damitt

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