[MMD] Frisk put that back, that’s not yours! (Spinebuster model test)

(After the events of the pacifist ending) Frisk thought it would be a good idea to take Spinebuster for a little joyride around town and in the underground where the monsters live but he/she (whatever gender you want Frisk to be) didn’t ask permission to use it and also didn’t know who it belongs to. Frisk was filled with too much determination.

Walking animation isn’t mine but the rest of it is.

Spinebuster is a car that was one of many that were part of my childhood growing up. It was shown on a TV series called Hot Wheels AcceleRacers driven by Markie “Wylde” Wylde and one of my favorite Metal Maniac cars. It starred along side other Metal Maniac cars and rival cars of the Teku. Spinebuster was later destroyed by the Racing Drones’ Sweeper and replaced by Flathead Fury.

(BTW if you guys hear a jet engine hissing noise from the video it’s not the video that’s the sound that Spinebuster makes when it’s moving. It’s supposed to do that.)

Big thanks to Xceptre for letting me use this car for my animations and pictures.

Car Models:
Spinebuster model by Xceptre and slightly edited by me (lights and interior)
Koenigsegg Agera R (Speed Racer Edition) model by juztine originally from Google SketchUp and converted and edited by me
BMW M3 GTR (Race Spec) model by Mirza originally from Google SketchUp and converted and edited by me.
Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 model by SirKnightThomas

Character models:
Weiss Schnee and Ruby Rose models by Razz-Pixel
TDA Akita Neru model by TDA and vk
Frisk model by Horipu

Seplveda Dam by CargaP

Effects used:

Audio is from Hot Wheels AcceleRacers Speed of Silence
Video Rating: / 5

3 thoughts on “[MMD] Frisk put that back, that’s not yours! (Spinebuster model test)”

  1. This was entertaining even without the AcceleRacers characters themselves, well done! Xceptre's models are exceptional as always

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