Slow Spring Coming

Check out these all your testing images:

Slow Spring Coming
all your testing
Image by Big Grey Mare
The Lord loves to test our faith, and He’s been testing mine lately. It’s been an up hill climb since Jake died. First the car broke, and it took quite a while to finally find someone who could fix it. Then my good ole Canon 30D broke, but I was able to replace it with a used 40D for the same amount of money it would have cost to fix the 30D. Then my lawn mower broke and couldn’t be fixed, so I had to buy a "new" used mower, and it has required some repair. Then, to top it all off, my computer died, and I’ve had to buy a new one. Now I’m broke!!!

It’s taking me time to set everything up on the new computer since it has Windows 8, which is a totally new experience for me. Please bear with me while I wait for all the dust to settle. I’ll be by your photostreams as soon as I can get there, and I’m looking forward to just relaxing and enjoying your pictures.

PS, I took this picture with the new camera, and if you look at the EXIF you’ll see that someone named Bradley E Nyberg is taking credit for my work. I guess Bradley is the person I bought the camera from on Ebay. Can anyone tell me how to remove his name and put my own in the info?

all your testing
Image by nick see
explored: #459(10.1.2008)

this was a test of my original concept of multiple flashes in a dark stairwell. while i think the turnout is neatish…it’s not at all as i imagined.

it does look like a hadouken, doesn’t it? and in my pajamas, at that!

there were three separate flashes in this shot…but i think my bright shirt kills all but a little of one other shot. you can see the light-bulb through my gourde, though…guess that’s something.

–mostly i wanted this a new profile image.

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