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Ancestry is proud to work with momondo’s DNA Journey to help show the world that there are more things uniting us than dividing us. #LetsOpenOurWorld

Unit testing: How to get your team started - FunFunFunction #2

The team I am in now writes unit tests. Unit tests is part how we work, and it’s been really good for us. However, in most teams I’ve worked in during my career that has not been the case. In those teams, most of us wanted to write unit tests, but then we didn’t. So what did my current unit-testing team do, that my other teams didn’t? That’s what this video is about.

“History’s Worst Software Bugs” – Wired, November 2005

Simplex/Complex lating word etymology from the superb “simple made easy” talk by Rich Hickey, which is mandatory watching for all programmers:

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  1. do you not believe in the true story of Adam and Eve? We all have derived from 2 people. As soon as the entire world recognizes and accepts that the world will be a better place with the exception of a few ignorant people. WE ARE ALL OF ONE!

  2. Holy shit. Either these are all paid actors or ancestry managed to pull together a group of the most bigoted test subjects they could find. How come almost all of them had some kind of racial prejudice? I know they were trying to promote racial diversity at the end but the fact that there's a chance that those were actual people's views is fucking depressing. Home is where you choose to make it. I can't understand why these 'test subjects' are all so bothered by some inaccurate ethnic map.

  3. that Bengali at the begginning shouldnt hate indians because they are the reason bangladesh is still not apart of pakistan anymore
    they helped us win

  4. For everyone who regonizes one of the "contestants" as an actor/actress could you please tell me the name, because
    a) I only realize one as such
    b) I therefore assumed the others were too
    c) I think they're good, because people do have varies of those reactions
    typically d) closed mineded people would never do such a test unfortunatley.
    Thank you in advance.

  5. this is beautiful. before I took my dna test, I promised myself, all along, that it is not what we are, but who we are that matters the most. we are one people

    -portugal, scandinavia, great britain, europe east, ireland, italy/greece, middle east, africa north, and new world is what I am, not who I am

  6. Stupid girl Caucasus was just conquered by Turkey for a period just like many other lands… if you're originally Caucasian by dna it means you have white ancestry, cuz ethnical Caucasians arent Turks… Turks migrated in Anatolia and Caucasus only 1000 years ago from minor asia… but the idea of video is right and good

  7. Awesome vid, MPJ! Nice mixed metaphor too – not "rocket science" or "brain surgery", but "rocket surgery"! Imagine what that looks like! ;)

  8. It's just another awesome one made by mj.
    I'm wondering, if it will be even cooler, if you add some very very very very short youtube tutorials talking about the same topic.
    For instance: Let others "commit" to you in the comments or through Email. And you try your best to "merge" them by linking these tutorials in you videos' Description later.

  9. This video is really awesome . and that monkey reference is priceless . please make a video of pair programming or how to do unit test in nodejs/javascript .

  10. I work with my team for a nearly 2 years, we haven't written a single line Unit test. It's really sad that no one really cares about it. Hopefully I will have a chance with a team who writes Unit tests in the future.

  11. Hey, I have been thinking on improving my programming skills by learning how to write unit tests. I found you and loved your way how to expose things! Cheers!

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