How Beautiful Are You? ( Girls Only )

How Beautiful Are You? Beauty test.
What makes you beautiful? Are you Beautiful?
am I beautiful? how pretty are you? are you attractive?
am I pretty? what makes you interesting? how pretty am I?

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Please Note,
This test is just for Fun and not to be taken seriously…
In this video, I will ask you a series of question which are designed to pin out some of your hidden character traits and find the perfect result for you.
After every question, each answer’s point will be revealed, make sure to remember your total point at the end of the video to find out your result.
PS: Points are only meant to categorise your traits, a lower point does not necessarily imply bad result, similarly higher points might not give you a better result!

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40 thoughts on “How Beautiful Are You? ( Girls Only )”

  1. I'm natural beauty but really I'm just too young for makeup but I also don't plan to wear makeup 💄 in the future

  2. the "i have the perfect body" at 2:25 is making me so mad. why does everyone think that there is a "perfect", a "flawless"? why do people think they have to fit in some kind of "standards" ? honestly these "tests" or whatever are one of the reasons that young girls and women around the world feel bad about their bodies and measurements and shit. why can't society show the true ideal; of loving yourself and your body, of being confident about your appearance and taking care of your inner beauty above all other things, instead of spreading the idea, that every girl has to have an hourglass figure, flat stomach, big ass, big boobs, long legs and 10 tons of makeup on the face.
    omg i'm sorry that i'm so blunt but it's making me really angry.

  3. i have a mixed hair naturaly its brown blonde chesnut,and red people often tell me if i dyed it but i didnt and i dont like it cuz am the only one that has this 😢 i hate my hair 😭 but still got angelic beauty

  4. i'm dangerous, i'm VERY overprotective of me and my friends, but i don't hurt someone for no reason, but i would choose a bow and arrows or gun for weapon, and i'm but i was born with more ridged teeth then others and my nails are extremely sharp. And 3 out of four testa say i'm a wolf. So, i'm loyal and dangerous and safe. I had a point, i forgot what is was. WELL THAT'S SAD. (Idc)

  5. jeez everybody in the comments…"i got a 250 i am dangerous "…-_-….sheesh…all those creepers killling in minecraft finally paid off huh _

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