How to Check and Test Your Coolant/Antifreeze

How to Know When You Need to Change or Flush Your Coolant. Do you need new antifreeze or a radiator flush? Learn 4 different methods to test your coolant including doing a visual inspection, using a hydrometer to test the freezing point and boiling point, using a multimeter to check the antifreeze, and testing pH.

After watching this video you will know if your coolant is still good or if you need to do a coolant flush and fill!

The multimeter I used (under here):
The Hydrometer I used ():

How to Flush your Heater Core:
How to Fix a Car with No Heat:
How to Flush and Change Your Coolant:

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20 thoughts on “How to Check and Test Your Coolant/Antifreeze”

  1. Hey Chris.. I heard that running straight water makes your car run cooler than mixing coolant, although you lose corrosion protection…

  2. just bought a 2003 3.5 V6 Pajero it's got water in cooling system instead of coolant,did the multimeter test with engine on its reading 0.31 🤔

  3. So in my Toyota Yaris my overflow of way overfilled but when I take my radiator cap off there is no liquid, just a little puddle of brown liquid on the bottom of the cap. Any ideas on what his is?

  4. Top tips, especially the multimeter one, I'm gonna check mine now with my meter as I suspect my coolant has gone bad cos it smells hot, my car is a 2015 model!!

  5. Excellent Presentation. You're giving Eric the car Guy a run for his money. But honestly, both of you are performing a great service to the public.
    The others are more noise than informative. Please, keep up the good work.

  6. I learn so much from you, Chris. Thank you so much for giving us information to keep our cars healthy and inexpensive, thus happier lives!!!

  7. I got pure antifreeze and water because my truck Doesn't drain all the way, on the bottle of pure it say 50/50,60/40,&70/30
    70/30 makes the boiling point higher and freezing point to about 80oF below which works best because I live in the northern region beside the border

  8. Great video overall, but don' you think that using a color based pH test with a colored fluid is a bit inaccurate? Especially when the fluid was orange and the acidic range which was indicated by the test was orange. Once again still a great video and your channel is an awesome resource

  9. hi chris, yesterday night i found that my car was leaking coolant from somewhere, in middle of a highway. as no technician or mechanic we're available i drove like that for about 180 miles filling the tank with normal water. but after reaching home i searched for this issue and many replies scaring me that it's gonna affect the engine. so thought of taking your advice. is my engine safe. as of now there is no change in the performance or engine noise or any symbol lit in the instrument cluster whatso ever. but i'm worried about the comments in the internet. hope you'll help me out with this

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