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Check out these all your testing images:

Batgirl: Barbara Gordon
all your testing
Image by capedladies
We’d like to present you a new picture of our Batgirl! Tadaa!

After coming across many problems during our work on the suit our Batgirl decided to remake the whole suit in the following days. Right now we are still sorting things out, but I wanted to share this picture before Batgirl decides to delete all the test pictures. 😀

all your testing
Best viewed on black…..

A little bored with graff these days, test driving some new perspectives…… Graffiti ADHD

Kill’n time with Nero, Jimbo, Sonik

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Nearly Frozen
all your testing
Image by Property#1
As most of you know I have been away from Flickr for five months. Prostate cancer is the reason, a few days in the hospital radiation and chemo therapy and here I am. All seems well so far I go for another round of tests on Friday but things seem good.

Please, please if you haven’t been tested get to your doctor asap. Believe the test is far better than the alternative.

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