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Some cool only your test images:

only your test
Image by Nicholas Erwin
I just recently got the Nikon 85 f1.8G..what an amazing lens! So sharp, producing excellent colors so far from my tests. I took advantage of Nikon’s rare lens only rebate and only paid 6 for this lens! Now you can’t beat that..used ones are sell for more!

This was just a test picture I took of my cat, Ziva using the 85mm and a the SB-700. Focus is pretty tag sharp and I was surprised how well her eyes are in focus even at f/2.0! Granted, its not perfect..but I’m glad I don’t have the back focus issues with the D7000..mine has been perfect!

The Corner Test
only your test
Image by Tangent~Artifact, here sometimes πŸ™‚
Time for some link sharing πŸ™‚

It’s not a dedication or a tribute, even less an attempt to imitate, but here I was particularly inspired by one the most talented photographer around, certainly the best from different perspectives. I’m talking of Gary Isaacs, someone who let us dream of a thousand stories through just one picture.

Interestingly, I was directed to his stream by another one of the best here, my dear friend Azli Jamil. Besides many other things, thanks Az for sharing that kind of knowledge with newbies πŸ™‚ Because, if you rely on Explore, you won’t find Gary…

I used again a texture from Solitaire Miles. Solitaire is not only a great graphic artist, but also a wonderful jazz vocalist. If you like jazz… Check it out!

On black: mediumlarge

The Madness of Molly
only your test
Image by Mrs eNil
Molly is a complicated cat. Her life is a constant reboot. In the mornings she doesn’t have a clue who she is, who her sister is, who we are, where she lives and what life is all about. Gradually during the day she begins to remember and slightly relaxes. However, if anyone does anything the remotest bit different from normal routine (like shutting a door that’s usually open) she freaks!

She lives on her nerves and has a permanent fear of being taken to the vets. You may have read of her escapes through locked cat flaps on my facebook page. Once she even broke right through one breaking the plastic into pieces.

We have had a particularly bad couple of days. She had to go to the vet as she keeps scratching her ears and she has made them very sore and bleeding. The whole routine of getting her into the basket to go to the vets is traumatising for both of us!

The outcome is that she has an allergy but, predictably, the vet couldn’t say what to. So the first step is steroid tablets. Then blood tests and then exclusion diets. I’m not sure that Molly and I can go through all that.

So we started with the steroid tablets. Day 1 – no problems, slipped one inside a prawn and she ate it. Day 2 – she eats the prawn and spits out the tablets – constantly. So I try to grab her and force the tablet down which freaks her completely so she breaks through the cat flap again (around midnight)! She wakes us up about an hour later screeching outside. I go downstairs call her but she won’t come in. I leave her to it.

This morning I go downstairs only to discover I have accidentally locked her out of the house for the night. Needless to say she wouldn’t come near me!

Eventually she has come indoors and I know that by tonight all will be well with Molly’s world (til the tablet incident again…) and she will relax with us until the nightly reboot!!!

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