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merry christmas (just testing)
your tests
Image by mugley
Merry Christmas everyone!

Just mucking around with the new toy here. Early observations:

– It’s solid and weighty. Makes the D70 feel like a 400D.
– It’s unforgiving of bad technique. The resolution is fine enough to show up sloppy handheld work.
– I haven’t been blown away by the viewfinder. Definitely an improvement on the D70, but not a huge step up from a D80. Doesn’t even come close to my F-801s.
– The LCD *is* something to be blown away by.
– Raw files are huge. The same card that used to hold 377 photos now holds 77.
– I now need yet another cable release.
– Noise handling is pretty impressive. You could just about leave the camera on ISO 800 permanently. ISO 6400 is about as noisy as 1600 on the D70.
– There’s something really shweet about how it handles colour. Can’t quite put my finger on it, might just be a bit depth thing.
– It’s going to take me a fair while to master this baby.

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