When getting your CDL permit, take ALL written tests

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Here are some of my study and organization tips to ace tests and get good grades in school! xo
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30 thoughts on “When getting your CDL permit, take ALL written tests”

  1. I'm in Texas just got my permit. I'm starting school next week at road masters school. the military paid my fees at school. I just got out of the army a month ago and stumbled across your videos. thanks for the info

  2. I went to the DPS In Weatherford TX, When i got my permit. I went and studied chapters 5, 6, &14 then went back one day at a time to take the rest of them including my tankers, doubles & triples. It's not for everyone but it made it easier for me because i could study one section at a time. Now i will find out in the morning if i will be excepted into MIllis Transfer in Burleson Tx.

  3. good advise. thats that I thinking to do. I have this handbook and study a diferent section every day. It s a proces that takes, a cuples of monts, its some time to digest all that information but I think its better to take all the test at same time.

  4. I'm am completely new to this I'm 20 with a drivers license. What steps should I take to overall obtain a A class license? I do not know where to start I thought I was going for a c class but now I think a permit first? 

  5. Charisse how often do you use heat in your hair? And how often do you do co-washing? Can you do more heatless hairstyles videos for relaxed hair? I'm interested in learning more ways to syle my relaxed hair 🙂 I love your channel so freaking much!

  6. I used to be one of the naughtiest students from year 7 – year 9 but now I'm in year 10 and I literally need to get all a's to become a counsellor but it's very hard for me. I need advice so badly if you can give me advice inbox me on Instagram – shannxnn

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