Cool Test Yours images

Some cool test yours images:

Seating Arrangement
test yours
Image by lisbokt
You may, or may not, remember my Pentax camera. Basically the last time I used this camera was for The Berries, which was a test roll. It took me several blank rolls of film to determine that the camera wasn’t properly loading them… So sad. I figured out how to work with it (Just taped the film into the camera) and hey! Works great.

This is such a simple scene but I really like it. I shot it digitally, too, but this has far more charm.

Guitar Player
test yours
Image by Lutz-R. Frank
A (rough) first OOB exercise to check the concept – will need a bit more masking at the hair, but I thought its nice enough to share 😉

Latest Photos using the Dackr-Viewer. Please look at View ‘Guitar Player’ on Black ; too. See my most Interesting Shots here, please.
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Testing New Firestorm – RAW
test yours
Image by Lila Quander

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