How To Handle When A Woman Tests You

Marni gives you step by step instructions on what to do when a woman “tests” you. Follow the steps in the video and you will always have success with women.

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Please Note,
This test is just for Fun and not to be taken seriously…
In this video, I will ask you a series of question which are designed to pin out some of your hidden character traits and find the perfect result for you.
After every question, each answer’s point will be revealed, make sure to remember your total point at the end of the video to find out your result.
PS: Points are only meant to categorise your traits, a lower point does not necessarily imply bad result, similarly higher points might not give you a better result!

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39 thoughts on “How To Handle When A Woman Tests You”

  1. giving life advice based on a tv show? May b a great example ,not for me ( unsubscribed)
    turn off the tv and go outside!

  2. As a very happy single man I could not give a fuck if a woman tests me or not. The only person that proactively tests me for my ideologies is the person in the mirror which ensures that I am more than Happy. :)

  3. see marni, here's where you fuck up.
    just be direct and say what you need to say, the soap opera games don't work with men.
    bottom fucking line.

  4. I wouldn't want to date a Jen. Too much hassle, too much insecurity, too much immaturity. Find yourself a real woman not a little girl.

  5. girl try to test me then i will walk away… dont have time for shit. there are million of other beautiful loving women.

  6. Dawson… after she rode the cockcarrosel you got to deal with all the luggage and pain. What a great deal for you.

  7. Hurt real bad by a man is something of an understatement, Marni…. Jen had fallen for The Joker and even bore his child, all shortly before his fatal confrontation with The Dark Knight. Then the makers Suicide Squad casted Margot Robbie instead of her when Warner Bros. resurrected the character.

  8. You did an excellent job on teaching this lesson in your video here Marni. Dawson's Creek does seem to have good writers.

  9. Funny that as an outside viewer you are able to find Dawson's confidence sexy.  However if you are Jen, Dawson is now perceived to be distant.

  10. So even in your own personal example you ended up acting erratic and emotional then pushed blame on your significant other.

  11. Well at least here you are pointing out the incentives: "you will have the most loving, happy woman in your life, who respects and adores you". Perhaps true, on her good day. But also, I'll have a low-class, ill-mannered woman in my life. She will lash out from time to time, and she will think this is perfectly fine because "she feels this way", and I would be the teacher/parent figure that patiently reminds her she shouldn't behave this way.

    So, it's like training a wild animal to be your pet, and to some extent you succeed in domesticating it; but it's still a wild animal in it's nature, and will lash out at you from time to time.

    But see, I don't want to train or get involved with such an animal at all. I want to be with a human being, that I can treat as a human being, and that treats me as a human being as well.

  12. Sounds like he is just her "safety man" or someone who she can go run to cry on his shoulder when she feels lonely and down. As soon as she will recover her emotional state, she will run into another irresistible Alpha male douchebag who will open up her primal instincts and legs and use her up again. Its never ending story, personally know few women with a story just like her. Point, treat women like sh*t and they will stick to your boot, treat them like princess and they will step over ypur head to find their next alpha douche

  13. why the fuck do the guys always have to do the work when a woman behaves poorly? bitches be trippin and we've gotta navigate their bullshit? no fucking thanks. how about this: 1. give her a backhand (we cant… thanks for that Susan B. Anthony…)
    2. date multiple women so when she stops acting right, you don't get mad, you get a new woman.
    3. MGTOW take your blue pill, save your money, rent a prostitute (dating and marriage are the same thing. exchange of resources and security for sex)
    4. become gay (coincidence that gay is synonymous with happy…)

  14. My deaf is an accident. (Scary cause when I closed my eyes I saw a car crash and lots of blood oosing from a black car)


  16. I think i get it now! It showed that in my past life i died because of an accident, and i often wake up because i have a nightmare that i'm falling from a tall building or cliff. I'm starting to think this could true.

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