Nice Tests For You photos

Some cool tests for you images:

strobist light testing
tests for you
Image by Pedro Moura Pinheiro
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My friends Nuno Correia and Luis Amaral, helping me set everything up before the musicians arrived for a CD cover photo shoot.

Strobist info: three 430EX, one 580EXII, all on slave (and TTL) triggered by a ST-E2, spread around the camera in a half circle on tripods, on a mix of 28mm and 70mm to create a mix of softer and more focused light.

Rise Above It
tests for you
Image by Christopher.F Photography
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One more from a top the Onterie Center from a couple months ago. Handheld so I could get the ledge out of the shot easier, and was testing the D800 with higher ISOs. Not to bad. Beautiful view, beautiful evening.

First wedding of the season this Saturday then it goes crazy for a bit. Hope to get out and get some shots this summer from Michigan and other places when I find time to get out the cottage and other spots.

Featured on Style Me Pretty Illinois blog couple days ago for a recent engagement shoot: Modern Chicago Engagement Shoot from Christopher|F Photography

The engagement being featured!: Christine & Eric {engaged}!

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