iPhone 4s Test

Check out these test yours images:

iPhone 4s Test
test yours
Image by Predi
8mpix in a camera – LOL 🙂 But the result, if you look at my old Blackberry 9700… or any other phone pic I’ve seen… is beyond compare.

Of course there’s this annoying noise-like stuff. Contrast/colors seem acceptable for close range and decrease with distance.

I’ll try to be testing it more soon. While it can’t be considered to any DSLR camera, I’m sure it exceeds the quality of some Kodak EasyShare stuff and similar ones. Might come in handy when you really need to take a picture and your camera is out of reach!

By the way, as many know, I used to be a strong opponent of everything with ‘i’. What made me change my mind is… Siri. I hated texting. Now, knowing that I won’t have to touch any button to text, store a note or set a reminder made me love it instantly!

Angry Birds is a nice addition, too. Been addicted to this game for ever 🙂

Laika Lounging on a Liberty quilt, 13 Feb 2011
test yours
Image by futurowoman
Test shot for the Impossible Project
Using PX-680 ß-1
aka PX 680 Color Shade Beta Test Film
Production Date 3 Feb 2011

Camera: SX-70 Alpha 1, Model 2
No ND filter
Dial set all the way over on the black side
Filtered indoor light near a window

This was my first shot, and when it emerged, I gasp. These colors are gorgeous! Thank you, Impossible Project! I love you!

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