deeks & kensi | she saw yours, didn’t she? [PREVIEW/TEST]

Leading worldwide enzyme expert, Ronald K. Schneider shows you how digestive enzymes work to give you better health and longevity.
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10 thoughts on “deeks & kensi | she saw yours, didn’t she? [PREVIEW/TEST]”

  1. I get dismayed at negative comments on YouTube videos and such. My theory is that so many more people benefit from the videos yet leave no comment. Those people that leave negative comments are also usually outspoken people as well and hence leave their two cents. It's cowardice as well since most would never actually say any of that in person.

  2. So many negative comments. Get a life people. Thank you for the video. Ive used enzymes from Gnc and it took 5 enzyme capsuls to get it to liquify. I am going to find the ones he is using here, on the internet.

  3. Thank you very much. Should this work with raw oatmeal? Nothing happened with raw oatmeal.

    I like to use oatmeal for snacks and cereal and would love to be able to continue using it like this … but desperately need enzymes.

  4. Ron K Schneider was nominated for the Nobel Prize for his immunoenzymology work. I love his Oatmeal Demo! Our enzyme function diminishes with age. Failure to completely digest foods leads to incomplete assimilation of nutrients. The result is the development of a of chronic medical conditions, like cancer, AIDS, MS, even arthritis, the list goes on! Digestive enzymes are extremely important to our health. We must educate ourselves so that we can make educated health choices for ourselves.

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