Test Run

A few nice test yours images I found:

Test Run
test yours
Image by darkday.
On your marks, get ready, GO…! Miss D prepares for the drain Olympics by doing some test runs through the pipes

Test Your Nevada Clout
test yours
Image by TravelNevada
Are you a Nevada expert? Put your Silver State savviness to the test in TravelNevada’s “Test Your Nevada Clout” online promotion, and you could get a Garmin Geko 201 and other goodies in a Nevada swag bag.
By June 30, visit this link: travelnevada.com/discover/adventures/test-your-nevada-clo…

You’ll get details on the contest as well as 24 Nevada photographs to identify. Email your answers — and best guesses! — to the TravelNevada content manager at TravelNevadaQuest@gmail.com.

Among the participants, the three entries to hold the largest number of correct guesses wins. Should there be a tie, winner(s) will be drawn at random to receive TravelNevada swag bags with a Garmin Geko 201 Geocache Personal Navigator, a one-year subscription to Nevada Magazine, a TravelNevada USB flash drive and other goodies.

Photo by: Sydney Martinez/TravelNevada

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