5 Tests To Prove Your Unique In This World!

5 Tests To Prove Your Unique In This World!


While we’re all taught that we’re beautiful and unique snowflakes, not many of us can prove it. While most people have at least one quality that can make them stand out in a small room full of people, do you know where you would stand in a room full of thousands or on a global level? These five tests will prove that you’re unique and show everyone what makes you different than them. Let’s begin!

5.) Myers–Briggs Personality Test

The Myers-Briggs Personality Test is one of the most popular and well accepted personality tests in the social sciences and business world. The basis of the Myers-Briggs Personality test is that by answering a series of questions, the answers to those questions form a pattern that reflects their personality and instincts based on four sets of opposite qualities: Introversion or Extraversion, Intuition or Sensing, Thinking or Feeling, and Judging or Perceiving. There are 16 personality types across four categories, and each personality type includes a certain percent of the population. Each type encompasses an estimated percent of the population between 1% and 15% with the most common being the ISTJ type or “Logistician” and the least common being the INFJ type or “Advocate.”

4.) Hypermobility

Hypermobility is easily defined as the ability of a person to stretch or extend their limbs beyond what is typically possible for a normal person. Typically, hypermobility is benign though it may sometimes be the symptom of a tissue problem. Hypermobility is a good characteristic for athletes to have, as it allows them an extended range of motion, and their ability to stretch their joints more easily means they’re less likely to be injured under some circumstances. While the best way to be diagnosed with hypermobility is by a medical or sports professional, a number of tests can give you an idea.

3.) Mensa Test

A lot of people would consider themselves to be the smartest person in the room, or maybe even one of the smartest people in the world, but can they prove it with a test based on cold hard, statistical data? Do you think you could qualify to join an organization whose members encompass the top 2% of thinkers in the world? You may have taken an IQ test online before, but one of the best ways to test your intelligence is to take a mensa test. If you live in most developed countries, you can contact your local mensa branch to take a free pre-qualification test for membership in the prestigious organization. Think about it: anytime somebody calls you an idiot you could have a piece of paper proving they’re wrong.

2.) 23 and Me

People consider physiological factors such as racial heritage or ancestry essential in forming their identity. The problem with this is that sometimes, that understanding of their heritage and ancestry are based on hearsay passed down from generation to generation. Maybe you’re 1/16th Cherokee and don’t actually know what the name of that Cherokee ancestor was, or maybe you think your great grandparents came over on a boat from Ireland when your grandpa was actually adopted. With a 23 and Me, or other DNA test, you can get a clear, easy to understand picture of your ancestry and background. For bonus points, maybe you’ll find out you actually have some neanderthal DNA, making you a member of the 1% of people with Neanderthal DNA.

1.) Tickle Yourself

Most people can’t tickle themselves. It’s probably something you’ve never considered. There are many theories why someone can’t tickle themselves, but one of the most prominent theories is the idea that your brain inherently realizes that you are tickling yourself, and therefore does not produce the reaction that it would if you were tickled by another person. Sometimes, however, people can produce that reaction. This is commonly associated with schizophrenia, but just because you can tickle yourself doesn’t mean that you have it. This isn’t a diagnosis. Some people are extra sensitive, and even with the ability to understand that they are the ones tickling themselves, that stimulation can provide a tickle-like effect. Other times, they may have “schizophrenic-like qualities.” In one study, people who could tickle themselves were also reportedly more likely to experience supernatural events, making them doubly unique.

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  1. I can touch the floor with my home leg straight I am chubby so how is that even possible well big is beautiful

  2. My feet i can tickle and i can stretch all fingers crazy and hold my right leg straight up to my head.
    I'd love to do the 23+me ancestor test

  3. I only have to watch a minute and 16 seconds to know this is a fake video 15 percent of the population isn't unique. unique means ONE person

  4. I hate IQ tests because as someone with really bad dyslexia looking at those diagrams messes with my brain far too much…

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