Understanding The Importance Of Professional PAT Testing

PAT testing is the routine that appliances go through to be tested for safety. It is sometimes referred to as “Portable Appliance Testing” by the companies who regulate it. These tests are important to make sure that commonly used appliances work correctly and do not jeopardize the safety of those who use them.

The appliance is not just put through one test, but several, each test is done to ensure the safety of the appliance as well as making sure that it works exactly the way that it is suppose to. The testing is overseen by an employee who reviews the data collected during the testing process and determines whether or not the appliance is put up for sale or needs to be destroyed.

The employee who is responsible for recording the test information is very careful to make note of all the tests that were performed on the appliance. If the appliance’s electrical system was tested, the person is notes that the electrical test was performed and the result. If the tests indicate that the appliance did not pass the test, it is not put on the market.

Records of appliance testing are kept on file for several years in case anyone would ever have questions related to safety or manufacturer responsibility. This helps protect against law suits and it insures that those testing the objects will be thorough and do the job correctly. No tester wants to be labeled as the one at fault when someone goes wrong.

PAT testing is important. Without the tests being conducted on all of the appliances that are being manufactured today consumers would always wonder if the item that they are about to purchase is safe to use. Without the tests there would be a significant chance that number of accidents in the home would drastically increase.

By performing tests every three to six months, high risk appliances are kept safe. This will decrease the chances of a person being electrocuted by using the appliance improperly or just by using a piece of equipment that has not been serviced correctly. As you can see, it is important to have your appliances tested!

Manufactures like it when consumers take the incentive to have the testing done on appliances. The manufacture can use the information to gage the quality of the product that they are producing. The manufacture takes a long look at the collected data and tries to determine they can do to improve their future products.

Knowledge of appliance testing can help you stay at ease that they items you are using each day are truly safe. Take time to read the tags to learn about the various precautions you need to take while using the items. Now you know that these instructions are based on actual lab experiments and should be taken quite seriously.

The more knowledgeable you are about product testing, the more confident you can when using the item. In addition to making sure that all pertinent testing has been done on the item before you purchase it, you also need to make sure that you have read the instructional information. If you have any questions you need to ask someone who knows the application. The last thing you want to do is try to muddle through. The more diligent you are about making sure you are using the appliance correctly; the more likely it is to remain safe.

When you have some appliances, you need to take care of them. This means you need to perform portable appliance testing. PAT testing isn’t hard. Let us tell you more about it.

10 Hardest Choices Ever (Personality Test)

If you want to know more about your personality, this is the test. Hopefully you won’t ever have to face these choices in your life, because these might be the hardest yet.

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Remember to be honest while answering these 10 impossible questions, ok? Also, count how many times you chose A, and how many times B.

You will find out what it means at the end of the video!

Let’s start!

“Would you rather…”

Find the love of your life?
win the lottery for 10 million dollars?

Legally change your name to Adolf Hitler?
Never eat icecream again?

Have no internet?
… or no friends?

To be lied to?
… or to lie to other?

Kill yourself to save others lives?
Kill all others to save your life?

Suffer from Parkinson desease?
… or kill 10 kittens?

Give up your favorite TV Show for a year?
… or only eat ketchup for a week?

Know exactly WHEN you are going to die?
… or HOW you are going to die?

Be able to see into the future?
or to be able to change the past?

Feel a poop smell all day, that nobody else can smell?
… or smell like poop and not know it?

Now here is what it all means, based on your answers.

Time to count how many A-s or B-s you got. If you answered A more times than B, than congratulations: You happen to be a very selfless person. You really like to focus on others, and the well being of those around you, is very important to you. But, if you answered mostly B, you tend to be a little more selfish than others. You tend to put the well being of others on the second place. It’s you first, than anyone else second.

Well, how did you scored? What type of person are you? Let us know in the comments bellow, and if you like this video, like and subscribe for even more content like this.

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