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Yellow Jumping Castles
only your test
Image by pango inflatable
Product Name: Yellow Jumping Castles
Product No: GL157
Size: 5.2mLx5.2mWx4.5mH
Pack: 134x85x85cm
Weight: 184KG
Material: 0.55mm PLATO PVC Tarpaulin
Cert: CE,EN14960,EN71

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Not just fit and finish, Pango make a second blower tube and hide it if not use. We make the two tubes on different of the bouncer so that could fit the power location. Looking down the road you will find you need a second inflation tube. We want to make sure clients could use the bouncer convenient.
Stronger Baffles
Baffles that are secured by a 840 denier material that provides the MAXIMUM strength of the internal baffling of every inflatables. This material upgrade is unmatched by anyone else in the industry. This material is key to the overall durability of the products we sell.
D Ring Expose
Take a close look at the construction of the "d" rings in the products we sell. A tether system is only as strong as its weakest link. Tether points on the inflatable are extremely durable. The "d" ring tethering System have been laboratory-tested and certified by Professional Engineers for use on all giant slides and all other types of inflatables.
Vinyl(PVCTarpaulin) Expose
At Pango Inflatable, the only products we sell are constructed from the finest coated vinyl. Unlike other vinyl producers, the Coated Vinyl are Lead-Free in addition to meeting the EN71 test by SGS. Lead-Free vinyl are a standard that has been that way since day one. Exposure to lead is dangerous to children. The products Pango Inflatable sell are safe from the effects of lead. As for durability, the materials are a weft inserted substrate, which makes any possible rips virtually impossible.
No Wax Surfaces
We provide removable sliding surfaces for every slides we made, While other only provide the normal vinyl, Inflatable vinyl is not naturally slippery, therefore, waxing has become a normal preparation for getting a slide ready for use. The removable sliding surface found the on the products we sell is a high polished urethane coating, which in turn reduces the need to wax.
Zipper with Flaps
Unlike others, Pango Inflatable sells products that are easy to use. For example, the deflation zipper utilizes a Velcro flap that covers the zipper, thus, less air is lost and zippers are not exposed to abrasion or mischief.
Blower Tube Strap
While most manufacturers tie their blower inflation tubes to the blower system, however, the products Pango Inflatable sells, utilizes a universal sleeve with a cinching Velcro strap. One- handed operation keeps the tube securely attached to the blower system.
Liquid Laminator
DWe do the Digital Printing in our factory, unlike most factory here in China, they do the printing outside and could not control the delivery time and the quality. igitally printed graphics are one thing, keeping those beautiful images durable as well scratch and fade resistant is quite another. Every digital image used within an inflatable sold by Pango Inflatable is clear-coated with a special liquid laminate that is vulcanized to the vinyl surface.
Finger-Safe Netting
Most bouncer manufacturers use 1" or 2" netting. A child bouncing can easily catch their fingers in that size of netting, thus serious injuries can happen. Only the Pango Inflatable could provide netting that even a small child’s finger cannot penetrate. Yet, the netting is still transparent enough to allow for easy viewing.
Removable Covers
Virtually every area that your customers step, slide or climb upon is on a replaceable & easily removable vinyl cover. From climbing stairs, to entrance tunnel sleeves to sliding surfaces, Pango Inflatable only sells products that are designed for high-volume traffic.
Safety Door on Bouncers
Worried about children possibly falling out of a bouncer? Don’t be. We got 3 points of reinforcement on the entrance of the bouncer which make the entrance very strong. Also we add the step outside the entrance following the AU and USA standards of jumping castle.
On-Staff Engineering and Designing
We do reinforce stitching at the fixion of D-ring. Four stitching line will share the tension of the bouncer. This made the D-ring last much longer and stronger. Other factory use other design of the fixion, but will not good for the tension sharing. Could find the differnce in the attached photos.
Cushion Designs
We do cushion between the wall and the base. When the kids bounce on the bouncer this parts bear most of the pressure, so this new design will make this parts much more strong and safety, while other factory only stitch to the base.

Faded Freeway [Faded Monochrome]
only your test
Image by edwardconde
Testing out some new photo editing applications only iPad. This filter is called Faded B&W. it reminds me of some old B&W magazines or book covers. What do you think? Does it work for you?

only your test
Image by 143d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)
CAMP BLANDING, Fla. – After a punishing, 72-hour challenge that started with an Army Physical Fitness Test and weapons qualification, continued with warrior skill stations and an air assault obstacle course, and concluded with a 10-mile ruck march and sergeants major appearance board, 12 Army Reserve Soldiers can proudly say they completed the 2017 143d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) Best Warrior Competition.

Brig. Gen. Deborah L. Army Brig. Gen. Deborah L. Kotulich, commanding general, 143d ESC, personally congratulated the participants during an awards ceremony conducted March 11, 2017, at Camp Blanding, Fla.

“I am thrilled by what you did to get here and impressed by what you accomplished here,” said Kotulich, a career officer who completed Air Assault school while attending West Point and, decades later, earned the German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency. “I encourage everyone to share your experiences with your fellow Soldiers. The skills you demonstrated during this competition may one day save your life or the lives your battle buddies in combat.”

Although all 12 Soldiers received and deserved high praise from the 143d ESC’s senior leadership, only two earned the right to earn the title, “Best Warrior.”

Spc. Alisha Howell, an Orlando, Fla., native serving as a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear specialist at Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 143d ESC, won first place in the Soldier category, while Sgt. James A. Smith, a Bay Springs, Miss., native assigned to the 647th Transportation Company as a motor transport operator, took home the trophy in the noncommissioned officer category. Howell and Smith will leave for New Orleans in April to compete at the 377th Theater Sustainment Command level.

“I am confident that these two Soldiers will proudly represent the 143d ESC at the next level,” said Kotulich. “I am also especially honored to be associated with every Soldier here who took precious time from his or her job, school and family to participate and support this annual event. Your courage and commitment exemplify the finest qualities of an Army Reserve Soldier.”

Story by Sgt. John L. Carkeet IV, 143d ESC

Photos by Sgt. John L. Carkeet IV, 143d ESC, and Spc. Aaron Barnes, 321st MI BN

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