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Our objective at Online Testis to make your journey from your very first faltering lessons to passing your practical test and getting prepared for the open road as fast and as effortless as a person possibly can . Whether you are having your DVLA theory test for a car , motorbike , bus , lorry or coach , you should do the some hard work by booking online through our simple process . We include theory test centers across the entire of the UK and have substantial experience of arranging tests to make certain that everything is carried out swiftly and conveniently with hardly any inconvenience for our clients. We also provide all of the learning materials and helps that you may possibly require so that you can be perfectly ready to take your test, including: books, DVDs , test kits and a computer program.

The Theory Test for car drivers and motorcyclists aids to enhance the basic safety of newly certified drivers and road users by enabling them to analyze attentively about the appropriate attitudes required to drive securely on today’s fast-moving roads and cut down the risk of accidents created by Driving Standards Agency ( DSA ) . Driving a car is just having the capacity to be secure on road as you are dealing with the car .Our clients enter into their theory test realizing that they’ve completed everything they are required to to be able to pass with flying colors .

Driving test consist of 2 parts :

Theory Test.
Practical Test.

Theory Test include:

Driver outlook
Traffic signs and regulations
Effects of alcohol, drugs and fatigue on driver behavior
Safety and environmental aspects of vehicles

You will still be faced with a computer screen, 50 multiple choice questions, and a hazard perception part of the test that will still give you 14 videos and ask you to click when you see a hazard developing (15 hazards will develop).

Pass Mark Required for the Multiple Choice Section

43 out of 50

You need to pass both sections of the Theory Test to pass.

Practical Test :

You can only apply for your practical test once you have passed the theory test. 16 or more minor faults will result in test failure .

If you pass your theory test but fail your practical test, you only need to take your practical test again.

The Driving Theory Test is one of the two driving tests that you have to pass before you get your driver’s license and become a qualified driver – the other is of course the practical test. You cannot apply for and take the practical test until you have passed the theory test.

A self confidence is generated so that the person becomes more aware of the road situations and tackles them with proper planning. So Get the Best deal of Theory Test Online. by clicking this you can easily enter on the site and you can get related information.

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