Testing The Nissan 370Z – Fifth Gear

Testing The Nissan 370Z - Fifth Gear

Tiff takes the 370z to Reims-Gueux in France.

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Before you head out on your camping trip with the family, put all your equipment through a good test to make sure it is ready to go.
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24 thoughts on “Testing The Nissan 370Z – Fifth Gear”

  1. so happy I test drove the genesis 3.8 rspec before I bought the Z…
    genesis wins in every way…every day.

  2. I love my 370Z. But I hate the fact my slave cylinder blows up every 20k miles.

    And it's internal. Which means you'll be fucked by labors costs once it's out of the 35k mile warranty.

  3. These are nice. Quick too- 7AT is a 12 second car. But the G37S is like 300% nicer to live with while only giving up maybe 5% of the performance.

  4. I was pleasantly surprised when I reviewed the 370Z. Very easy to handle and progressive, if not the fastest or best handling car in the segment.

  5. Nice work!  Just awaiting an end of March delivery for my Titan drawers for my HiLux.  Then its a new fridge, been holding off until I know what will fit alongside my battery, which I've decided I'll be fitting on the same slide like yours.  I've been looking at the EvaKool and see that the 95 you have is quite tall on top of the drawer/slide, how do you go for access?  Small step ladder?  Also,  how are you finding the KickAss gear?  Might consider one of his Kickass fridges, but haven't seen many reviews yet.

  6. Hey Mr Buck!
    Mate how does the titan fridge lide handle the weight of the big evakool and battery setup?, well over 100 kgs loaded one would think?,
    Im keen to do same in my ute, i have 70 l fridge mate but thought weight would be an issue
    Cheers mate

  7. Hey Buck,
    Get a move on with the videos I so¬†thoroughly enjoy. I understand you and Roz work full time but am looking forward to your next one. ūüôā

  8. Good set up mate! Last time I did a fishing trip to Howick river Cape York, me and a couple of army mates from 1RAR in 1996 signed out an army generator from the Q store and took up a house chest freezer in the back of an old  FJ45 land cruiser ute, and an old Hilux ute, had 2 x tinnie's strapped on rollers on roof rack setup, used army stretchers, chairs millionaires, mozzie nets etc. Caught plenty of crabs and fish, lived like kings and washed it all down with some XXXX Gold, best trip ever! Now I live south of the Tropic of Capricorn and there's fish but nothing like I experienced up at the Cape. Look forward to hearing about your Cape trip. Good luck. Cheers

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