How to Pass a Girl’s Tests – Here’s How to Keep a Girl Interested in You When She Tests You

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Sooner or later you have to face it, a girl is going to test you.

Therefore, you have to learn how to pass a girl’s tests.

First, let’s go over why she tests you, and then we’ll go over
how to keep a girl interested in you when she tests you.

A girl will test you when she senses a “change” in your character.

She feels that maybe your confidence is a bit exaggerated, or if
you’re acting different, she wants to know if you’re “for real”

Or maybe she wants to filter certain guys she doesn’t want, so
she will use “tests” to qualify you.

Here are some reasons she may test you, along with ways to keep
a girl interested in you when she does.

Reasons She Tests You:

1. You’re Putting A “Nice Guy” Act

She senses that you’re trying too hard to please a girl, and
she feels you have another agenda, like getting with her.

The problem with the nice guy act is that it doesn’t even
work anyways. Otherwise, every nice guy would have a hot girlfriend
by now.

The nice guy gives off a vibe that makes a girl test him even
more… and it never works.

2. She Wants to See if You Will Get Clingy or Needy If She Hooks Up With You

Every girl wants to avoid this situation… so her “tests” is
a mechanism to filter out the guys who might give her “clingy”
or even “stalker” problems.

To pass this test, you must obviously learn first, that being
needy and clingy is unnattractive… and then that girls are
worrying about it.

So what you do is premptively bring it up playfully, and suggest
you hope SHE doesn’t get too clingy.

When you do this,
you 1. Diffuse her worries, and 2. demonstrate social intelligence

3. You Seem “Too Cool”

Almost all guys have passed through a phase where they act a bit
TOO cool, and this comes off as fake, leading girls to test you
even more than she normally does.

Examples of things she may say to you are

“We’re not hooking up tonight” (even if you never brought it up)


“Do you say this to all the girls?”

Now, to pass this test… you must keep your strong frame going,
and not shrink down to the weak guy who realizes he has been

Girls will give you this test to see how you act when
she’s not giving you validation that she likes you… she
wants to know how you act when she gives you mixed signals…
and at first, it can be tricky to deal with this test.

When you’re very certain about the way she feels about you,
it’s very easy to be confident… but when the certainty
goes away, you start wondering what you did wrong, and you
get into the state of mind where you want to text a girl asking
her what’s wrong and you get really, really needy.

The interesting thing about this idea about “certainty”
…is that it is just as effective on women.

You pull the rug out from under her, and now SHE is the one
that feels uncertain and she starts doing the needy mistakes
in this video.

When you do this, we call it “Scrambling” her mind… and
YOU are the one who is giving her “tests.”

When a girl feels uncertain, she can’t figure you out, and
she is going to sense a “mystery” coming out of you. Then
she is going to be fighting for your attention.

If you want to get out of the friend zone, then you know you
need to do this.

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  1. fucking hell this is so complicated but I'm starting to understand why my marriage went south, i was too easy, i thought i was doing the right thing letting her do what she wanted but in reality she wanted me to reel her in and put restrictions on her from time to time

  2. this video reveals just how smart and analytical a girl can be. They can tell right away with just a few moments, if you like them or not. they know. you stupidass internet kids of the world.

  3. Or… You could just be yourself but in the best possible way, otherwise things will always be founded on dishonesty and lies… Obviously don't be a mental creep or a douchebag, unless their crazy matches your crazy!

  4. U guys share great stuff but the point is you keep me watching talking about this Scrambler and then there appears this "add to cart" button ……..pls say it is NOT for free LOL

  5. What if you have a on and off relationship, and I do no contact  and we end back together just to break up again? Any advice on that? I'm tired of it, but she is so beautiful she knows she can have me back, all she has to do is show up on my doorstep. Any advice?

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