AskJT #7 — Navy Drug Tests / picking your Rate / new tattoos

almost to 10k fam

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20 thoughts on “AskJT #7 — Navy Drug Tests / picking your Rate / new tattoos”

  1. #askJT why not get a dual sport? I have a Honda goldwing 1100 but I love my little Suzuki dualsport to go from the mud and trails to cruising around to my friends places on the street. Thanks for the videos man I'm hoping to join the Navy soon 🙂

  2. jtsuits call me @6464241451 Mitchel I am in the same position you were once in I'm enlisting in the navy and I need some help I want to be a boatswains mate because of Security clearance issues…smdh

  3. Hey JT, two questions for you. How prevalent is dipping tobacco on ships and is there a way to buy more while on the ships?

  4. ight bro I got a question for you or anyone who can answer it, between ABE, ABF, ABH which one is better and safer ?

  5. dude you got a really high score, i need help with mine i did really bad on the practice test i got a 27 and im taking my asvab this thursday

  6. Hi my question is from your experience how many master at arms are on a ship? I am interested in being an MA but i heard they rarely ever get to be on a ship.

  7. #askjt so I'm about to begin my senior year in high school (it's the summer right now) and I have decided to go into the navy after HS, when should i start talking to a recruiter?

  8. #AskJTsuits I'm going to enlist when I get my Greencard and I want to be a QM (Quarter Master), a Aviatian mechanic or a Cryptologic Technician (I speak 2 languages fluently and another 2 proficiently). Will I get the security clearence if there are any? I know Cryptologic Technician has a lot of clearence.

  9. #ASKJT please talk about your experiences with naval officers! How well are they treated compared to enlisted sailors? Do you think it's worth it to do the NROTC program and go to college first to be an officer?

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